When Is Too Much Too Much?

In a follow up to a follow up, Bob Belvedere at The Camp Of The Saints writes (see my original posts here to here)

Beck reminds me of those who would gather in a church or meeting house while their village was being attacked and who would produce only wails and lamentations while the marauders set fire to the clapboards.

Begin the fight for what is Right and the Light Of God will follow.

I’ve probably mentioned few times over the almost 10 years (come July) that I’ve been blogging that so much of what the left does is death by a 1,000 papercuts. Every day there seems to be something else. Sometimes it’s simply a distraction, sometimes it’s a big issue. Consider the kid from the post regarding the school blocking access to certain websites, like the NRA, the Vatican, and the state GOP. In the past, when Lefties got caught, the would say “sorry, our bad, that was a mistake, someone went to far, we’ll fix it.” And fix it they did. Immediately. They might try it again, later. Nowadays, it’s different

When they get caught now we hear about putting together a study, investigating the issue, or some nonsense, that can take years. We see stonewalling. We’re told it’s a fake issue. That it’s a distraction from the issues that Americans care about. The issue goes on for so long that it loses power. It becomes irrelevant, or simply the norm. Look at the IRS issue. Benghazi. Fast and Furious.

Progressives rarely go for the Big Kill. They are quite content dinking and dunking. Something else I’ve mentioned before is how much they control. The majority of the education system. The Lawyers guild. AMA. AARP. Labor unions. Entertainment. Sports figures follow the progressive lead, because they can monetarily afford to pretend. The government bureaucracies. And so many more. Let’s not forget about the majority of the news media, which allows them to shape public opinion.

Right now they’re going after the military and religious organizations. The major focus seems to be on LGBT “rights” and/or gay marriage. I’m sure there are plenty of gays who will serve with distinction, valor, and patriotism in the military. It’s not about politics for those folks. How many, though, are joining to make a point, and push the service towards their point of view? How many Leftists are doing the same, joining an organization they have historically despised for 40+ years in order to make it something else? How many are getting themselves deep within the religious organizations in order to push them away from their original purpose, and towards a Progressive paradise, away from morality and meaning? Away from the Bible and God? Progressives have been doing all they can to remove religion from public and government places. Well, certain religions. They seem fine with Islam. Perhaps they silently realize that Islamist will blow shit up if Progressives try their schtick with them.

We’re already seeing clergy pushing Leftist notions and joining together with gay marriage advocates. We have private business owners being dragged into Thought Crimes court for refusing to bake wedding cakes for gay marriages. You have the Redskins having their trademark being yanked because it is apparently “hate speech”, racist, bigoted, mean. What of other nasty things that are trademarked? Why are they being ignored. Pick a target. Isolate it. Destroy it.

There are so many assaults on our freedom, on common sense, on religion, on more and more it really is hard to fight back verbally, in the courts, without violence. And that’s what they want. Create conditions where it doesn’t seem reasonable to use force. And, really, do we want to use force? No. That is certainly the last resort. Of course, it would be rather easy, since liberals say guns are bad, and they surely gave up their own, right? Right? I wonder what the Colonists private thoughts were on violent revolution?

At one point we could count on the military and law enforcement being on the side of The People and the Constitution. Can you truly say that today? Do you have a little bit of doubt in your mind about the ability to believe that they would stand with the People? That will grow as Progressives take over the military and police. There are enough squishy Republicans out there that opposition becomes difficult. They will join Democrats in demonizing Conservatives, Tea Party members, Libertarians, patriots, as extremists, as people going to far. They’ll yammer on about reaching out to solve our differences, about tolerance. And the tide of progressivism rolls on.

You look at many of the other tyrannical movements of the 20th century. The fascism of the Nazi Party burned bright, rising fast, then blowing out. The Soviet Union started fast, but took 70 years to go down. The Chinese, though, have been good at looking at the long term, changing tactics, attempting to do things slowly and without violence. Much like the Muslim Brotherhood, which uses the existing systems to push their Islamism, changing the systems from within.

We see brazen violations of the law and constitution by elected officials and government employees and entities. Yet, rarely is anything done. We see our freedoms and morality being cut just a little bit every day. When does it become too much?

Oh, you think we can count on the judiciary? Good luck with that. There are more than enough judges, even Republican ones, who are more interested in advancing progressive ideology than following the Constitution and the Law.

Again, I’ll refer you to Thy Kingdom Fall by Austin Dragon, which lays this death by a 1000 cuts, whereby the religious fight back when it is too late. Now over to a post at protein wisdom, via Bob

Just because you don’t sport epaulettes and a mustache and speak from balconies doesn’t mean you can’t be every bit the fascist as the more cartoonish versions we’ve all become so accustomed to. And those who are willing to burn books would, I have no doubt under the right concentration of circumstances, find a way to rationalize burning the people who wrote them.

It can happen here. And in fact, it is. My advice? Open your eyes.

How many times have I and others highlighted this happening within the Warmist movement? The shutting down of debate, the bannings, the book burnings, the calls for censorship, news outlets refusing to publish comments and/or articles critical of anthropogenic global warming/climate change, getting Skeptics fired? This is just a microcosm of the way Progressives act, and they do it out in most other disciplines that they get their hands on

On a related noted, when it comes to Glenn Beck, I do not hate him. I do not dislike him. I’m not picking on him. Those are a few of the phrases I’ve received in email, castigating me for “attacking” Beck. What we have here is a substantive policy divergence. I might have the same divergence with Hannity and Rush, and other Conservative talkers. I rarely get to listen to other nationally syndicated talkers other than Beck, due to my work schedule. Todd Schnitt tends to be the syndicated host I listen to 2nd most, since he is on at 9pm here in Raleigh, so I’ll catch an hour to hour and a half a week.

We are allowed to have differences of opinion. There are surely issues that I agree more with John and Jeffrey than Conservatives. I don’t always agree with Gumball, Guitar, and others. Conservatives do not walk in lockstep. I work the 12-9 shift 2-3 times a week. I’ll listen to Beck  for an hour at the gym, while taking a shower, and on the way to work (except when he gets weepy, starts a too deep monologue, and a few other annoyances). Days off I will catch him if I go to gym in morning, otherwise Rush or Hannity for an hour. Sometimes I’ll flip over to iHeart radio for some metal. If I hated Beck, would I listen to him?

Regardless, Beck wants to take the use of force off the table. He railed against that same notion when it came to Iran. Why would we want to remove the notion of the use of force when it comes to saving our country? When is too much too much?

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