Climate Change Is Like The Mafia

Interesting opinion piece by James Lambard

Climate change is a protection racket

The mafioso, call him Guido, ran a protection racket.

The business model, simple: Give Guido money and your enterprise did not burn down nor have its windows broken. You continue to have the use of both legs. A basic, criminal, wealth transfer scheme. Replication, inevitable.

The new government-sponsored scam, climate change, bears striking similarities to Guido’s “thing.” While Guido operates in the shadows, climate change enjoys enthusiastic support from progressive media, radical environmentalists, politicians, and a large portion of a poorly informed and apathetic electorate. Yes, a basic, criminal, wealth transfer scheme. Replication, complete. (snip)

You get the point, threats of disaster leading to a massive wealth transfer through, carbon taxes, carbon credits (convertible to money and tradable) higher taxes on nearly everything, electricity rates “would necessarily skyrocket“ (Barack Obama), massive dislocations in standards of living, command and control by government, of nearly every aspect of life.

To whom do you suppose this massive resultant wealth transfer is designed to accrue? I am perhaps naïve, but I suspect Guido did well with his wealth transfer scheme. We must ask who this new Guido is. Guido, remember, was believable, not benevolent. Are we expecting benevolence from those who have now grasped and manipulate the levers of intimidation? I am afraid that we already know the answer.

Makes sense. Make sure to read the whole thing.

Powerline also delves into the “climate mafia” meme, in regards to the sacking of Caleb Rossiter.

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5 Responses to “Climate Change Is Like The Mafia”

  1. john says:

    wealth transfer ??? well of course the richest American family is now the Kochs
    And when you say “the government” don’t you also mean entities like the Catholic Church and whole countries like Israel?
    Great claims require great proof, don’t see any herer just paranoia/

  2. john says:

    The existence of the Mafia was denied for many years

  3. jl says:

    “The richest American family is now the Kochs.” If true, so what? Any evidence they made it illegally? Otherwise, why bring it up?

  4. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    So, two brothers who did really well in the petroleum industry and other areas, now makes them a very powerful very rich family??

    Like, the Kennedy’s?

    The existence of the Mafia was denied for many years

    Yet, people affected knew about them for a very long time. And those not on the Mafia’s dole recognized and saw the Mafia and for what they were. Are currently. Too bad the CAGWers are blind, naive, and suck up to the Mafia today.

    So, the Catholic Church and ISrael are the top “governments” in pushing a corrupt global warming tax-welfare scheme?

    So far, once again, J obfuscates and ignores the content of the post. He does not debate that the mafia’s tax-n-cap welfare scheme is just that… a welfare transfer and control plan.

  5. john says:

    conservative J Edgar always denied the existence of the Mafia