Offended People Are Offended By T-shirt

It’s has an utterly evil, offensive saying on it, like sweats for women with “juicy”

(Yahoo Shine) A Pea in the Pod has pulled a controversial T-shirt from its stores and website after people complained that it was offensive to pregnant women.

The $48 T-shirt reads, “Wake me up when I’m skinny,” and many tweeted that it was “gross” and a “major fail.”

Many in the comments note that people should be offended over the $48 price tag. Heck, I’m offended over the name of the store. Of course, the store caved to the nutters and pulled the shirt.

I definitely recommend scrolling through the comments. Since I’m doing this on Droid I can’t see them to copy and paste, but, reading then off the store PC, the best is simply “where did everyone lose their sense of humor?”

Also “Seriously, people take things to heart way too much.”

And, yeah, one that reads “This shirt us now considered offensive and is no longer on the market, but pink sweat pants with the word “juicy” in bold, glittery letters plastered across a girl’s behind isn’t?” That one led to some other interesting comments.

One person makes a comment about this constantly happening because a few people have conniption fits. And, of course “I am offended by all the Offended.”

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2 Responses to “Offended People Are Offended By T-shirt”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Blame technology. There’s little barrier to submitting a complaint anymore. Fire off an email, a tweet, a Facebook rant… You don’t have to look up a phone number, march down to a store or write a letter like the good ol’ days.

    Because of how swiftly these issues can escalate, businesses appear to be especially sensitive and are becoming more conservative.

  2. Completely agree. There are so many outlets now to Express Displeasure with ease. Heck, so many TV stations have their “on your side” investigations to boot (rather than investigating politicians).

    Of course, there are still enough companies who couldn’t give a shit, but enough will cave in a heartbeat.

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