Gun Miraculously Appears On Target Shelf After Anti-gun Group Applies Pressure

I don’t want to really go down a conspiracy road, but, this makes you wonder

(Forbes) Gun safety advocates are asking Target to ban ‘open carry’ in its stores.

After a string of victories at fast food chains in recent weeks, gun control activists are renewing pressure on discount giant Target Target to ban firearms in its stores.

Michael Bloomberg-backed Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has launched a campaign asking Target to ban the open carrying of guns in its stores just as news emerges out of South Carolina adding urgency to their mission.

A loss prevention officer found a real, loaded gun in the toy aisle of a Myrtle Beach branch of Target last Friday night. Says the local NBC affiliate:

The gun was in plain view on top of a superhero Playskool toy box when the worker found it; he thought it was a toy. He realized it was real after seeing it was loaded with live ammo.

Just a coincidence, right? Because everyone who carries, whether open or concealed, just happens to pull their gun out and set it down and forget it. In a toy aisle.

The fact that it was found in an aisle geared toward children makes some shoppers feel this was no accident.

“I don’t think someone would accidentally drop off a gun. I think he purposely left it there for a child to pick up and think, ‘Oh it’s a toy gun,’ and accidentally point it at somebody and it goes off,” says Kennedy McClain.

I think that may be going a bit too far. Most likely it was left there by a complete moron who shouldn’t be allowed to carry, or an anti-gunnite trying to manufacture an incident. The security video was handed over to the police, as there was a “suspicious male” walking the aisles. I wonder if we will get the real story if an arrest occurs?

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11 Responses to “Gun Miraculously Appears On Target Shelf After Anti-gun Group Applies Pressure”

  1. david7134 says:

    Think about the real intention of the person. They would have desired for a kid to pick up the gun and fire it, with due effect. The people are as sick as PETA. Likely was one of Jeff’s guns.

  2. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    I think that may be going a bit too far. Most likely it was left there by a … an anti-gunnite trying to manufacture an incident.

    Well Teach, isn’t that a conspiratorial plan?

    And, a fully operational “loss prevention officer” didn’t know what a real gun was? He had to pick it up, feel the weight, see that there was in fact a magazine, see that the magazine was loaded, and then determine it was loaded with “live” ammo, and only then did this fully capable “loss prevention officer” realize that it was a real gun.


    NO ONE leaves a gun at a store, let alone draw it out and then place it down on something. If anything, the owner would have removed the holster and the gun within from their waistline during some form of bending, stooping or lifting action while helping his kid out. But like I said, it would have been with the holster. No legitimate gun-carrying person carries a gun without a holster.

    And why are these ninnies so bothered by people exercising their 2nd amendment rights? Wonder if they are as offended by certain artists expressing their 1st amendment rights?

    I also find it odd that we need laws in order to allow us to uphold our 2nd amendment right.

    Wonder when the laws will come to allow us the right to worship.

  3. Anon says:

    They should be able to track down the person who accidentally left his or her handgun in a toy shop from the serial #. If it’s untraceable, then no new laws would matter.

  4. Jeffery says:

    The far-right extremist media has been largely silent on this but two more members of our well-regulated militia went all David7134 on the police in Las Vegas. Of course, those on the right that do mention the incident claim it was a false-flag operation staged to look like it was committed by far-right extremists.

    Is this the beginning of your revolution?

    These two patriots who murdered unsuspecting police officers had just returned from standing their ground against Federal tyranny at Cliven Bundy’s ranch.

    Where are the moderate conservatives to condemn this wanton act of murder by two of your own?

  5. Jeffery says:

    dave’s boyfriend typed for him: “Likely was one of Jeff’s guns.”

    Sorry dave, but my guns are all locked up. Anyway, only the fevered mind of a right-winger would think the ends justify the means – that killing a child is OK if it makes a point.

    dave, you’re one sick fook.

  6. Roger Tranfaglia says:

    If numbnuts has 1/2 a brain left , he has already left the state…..
    Even if he is not caught, the Moms will just blame us or the Tea Party…any body but them selves…..

    a gunbullynut

  7. James says:

    Jeffrey – These people that did the killing in Las Vegas were anarchists, NOT Patriots, or any other “right-wing” group. Although they claim to have been members of various organizations, one of which I am a member, they were NEVER members of these groups, despite your desire to portray them as such. As for them being at Cliven Bundy’s ranch, yes they showed up and were promptly told to leave, as their anarchist, anti-government rants were not inline with the desire for peaceful resolution to that standoff.

    Please STOP referring to them as “our own”. However, if you would like to discuss SoCal, Aurora, Sandy Hook and all the others, I think those “whackos” fall into YOUR liberal left nutjob side of the arena.

  8. TexTopCat says:

    No person should consider such as anything but criminal. Now, would MDA do such a thing? I really do not know how far their extreme members would go. They have shown that they want more dead in their comments so that they can push their agenda.
    I can not believe that the gun in question was actually being used as a carry gun, so it does make the chances of this being a “accident” very remote.

  9. david7134 says:

    The two in LV just didn’t desire to follow the law against murder. Both Obama and Holder have indicated that we don’t have to follow the law if we think different.

  10. Jeffery says:


    So you won’t condemn far-right extremists when they commit a dastardly and cowardly terrorist act to further the far-right extremeist cause? Do you not think the Feds are taking away your freedoms? Do you not think that Obama is a tyrant? Do you think it likely that Obama will attempt to declare martial law before his term expires? Do you think Obama is an illegitimate President either by birth or electoral perfidy? Do you think Obama is a Muslim or at least pro-Islam at the expense of America’s interests? Is Eric Rudolph a political prisoner? Do you believe Obama has committed unconstitutional acts? Do you think the quote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, is relevant today?

    The killers were quintessential ‘Patriots’! Hoarding weapons, paranoid delusions of a tyrannical government, wanting involvement in a movement larger than their own inconsequential existence, white separatist rants, Gadsden flags, talk of revolution…

    In June, after AG Holder announced the creation of a domestic terrorism task force, Jared Miller posted, “Well if you have been waiting for the thought police, here they are.”

    They were cowards, assassinating two police officers, covering them with Gadsden flags. The Mrs. then shot Mr. Wilcox, a brave citizen trying to intervene, in the back in Wal-Mart. Three good guys with guns were murdered by 2 far-right extremist bad guys with guns. It’s interesting that all the dead that day were armed.

    Since far-right extremist terrorist McVeigh murdered hundreds in Oklahoma City, over 100 far-right extremist attacks have occurred or been thwarted by authorities. Some of these thwarted attacks targeted hundreds of citizens. Do you agree with Jared Miller that surveillance of right-wing extremist groups is a threat to freedom? Or is it smart profiling (similar to what conservatives support against Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims)?

    Conservative have-nots see their middle class world which had greatly favored males, Caucasians, Christians and conservatives dissolving into this multicultural, polyglot, politically correct world, where women, Blacks, gays and non-Christians have the same rights and privileges as the white masses. No more prayer in school, no more manger scenes at City Hall, instructions in Spanish, Black newscasters, rap music, birth control pills, affirmative action, hate crime laws, women in the boardroom, Voting Rights Act, Americans with Disability Act, the Supreme Court, Roe v Wade…

    The Conservative elites have successfully persuaded conservative have-nots to blame everyone else for the problems in white, middle America. But blacks and immigrants and the IRS have not ruined your lives – our elites have – both Republican and Democrat. We should all be fighting the system that gave us the Wall Street bailouts, the Great Recession, shipping manufacturing jobs overseas, underemployment, unemployment, wage deflation, and income inequality.

  11. Better_Be_Gumballs says:

    First off J, they aren’t far-right. If they were neo-nazi, then that means Socialist – and that means LEFT. If they are racists, then that means LEFT. If they believe in anarchy, then that means LEFT.

    And we Americans do condemn any murder. Leave it to you to make it purely political. And no, it wasn’t a terrorist act. Love how the left likes to portray any act of mayhem and violence these days as “terrorist” bent in order to justify massive federal gov’t response.

    If Obama is a tyrant, what difference does that make to this story and to these shooters? Are you trying to justify their actions J? Shame on you.

    The killers were quintessential ‘Patriots’! Hoarding weapons, paranoid delusions of a tyrannical government,

    You have a screwed up notion of what an American Patriot is. but then that is not surprising. Having weapons and beliefs that are contrary to your own does not justify their actions J. Stop defending them.

    It’s interesting that all the dead that day were armed.

    Those two were extremists yes, but not on the right. These were two crazy self-deluded wack jobs who were going to cause mayhem one way or another. And thank you for defending a citizen’s right to carry and defend themselves. Glad you’ve seen the light.

    Since far-right extremist terrorist McVeigh murdered hundreds in Oklahoma City, over 100 far-right extremist attacks have occurred or been thwarted by authorities.

    Lies still don’t become you.

    Terrible racist screed follows wherever you tread J. You really ought to see a mental health professional before you too go wack job. Looks to me like you suffer from delusions and misguided projections. Your hatred will eat you up and only lead you to misery.

    Get help before it’s too late.

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