Strangely, Many Aren’t Buying Obama’s Afghanistan Pivot

In fact, the Washington Post Editorial Board thinks pretty poorly of

YOU CAN’T fault President Obama for inconsistency (well, yes, you can. It really is amateur hour). After winning election in 2008, he reduced the U.S. military presence in Iraq to zero. After helping to topple Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi in 2011, he made sure no U.S. forces would remain. He has steadfastly stayed aloof, except rhetorically, from the conflict in Syria. And on Tuesday he promised to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by the end of 2016.

The Afghan decision would be understandable had Mr. Obama’s previous choices proved out. But what’s remarkable is that the results also have been consistent — consistently bad. Iraq has slid into something close to civil war, with al-Qaeda retaking territory that U.S. Marines once died to liberate. In Syria, al-Qaeda has carved out safe zones that senior U.S. officials warn will be used as staging grounds for attacks against Europe and the United States. Libya is falling apart, with Islamists, secularists, military and other factions battling for control.

We hope Afghanistan can avoid that fate. But the last time the United States cut and ran from there, after the Soviet Union withdrew, the result was the Taliban takeover, al-Qaeda’s safe havens and, eventually, the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, after which everyone said, well, we won’t make that mistake again.

Personally, I’m not too concerned about finally withdrawing troops. We’ve done our bit. Really, it can’t get much better in that regressive shithole through military force, not when so many of the nutjob Islamists are right across the border in Pakistan. That said, what we’ve seen again and again is #hashtag type foreign policy. A lot of brief noise, then the issue is forgotten about for months or years. Like most of Obama’s domestic and foreign policy. There’s no follow through, there’s no one keeping an eye on the ball. It’s policy in the moment.

The Lonely Conservative notes

I just heard John Kerry shouting on TV about the Afghanistan draw down, comparing it to children having deadlines for doing their homework. He was referring to President Obama’s announcement that all but 9,800 troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan this year, just in time for the midterm elections.

Speaking of Senor Waffles, Ed Morrissey notes this tweet

and writes

This comes from the man who launched his own career by attacking the conduct of the US military during the Vietnam War as something out of Genghis Khan. He joined up with anti-war organizers in their own “industry of oppositionists,” and even as late as the Iraq War managed to join in with fellow anti-war voices to criticize George W. Bush’s foreign policy. All of this certainly benefited Kerry, but now suddenly any criticism of foreign policy under his and Obama’s direction is just the product of an “industry of oppositionists”? That’s rank hypocrisy.

Well, yeah, Dems are all about momentary opportunism.

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10 Responses to “Strangely, Many Aren’t Buying Obama’s Afghanistan Pivot”

  1. Proof says:

    But, but…President Selfie said that “This is how wars end in the 21st. Century.” None of that icky “winning” or “victory”!

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  4. Better_Than_Late_Gumballs says:

    After winning election in 2008, he reduced the U.S. military presence in Iraq to zero

    And yet, our leaving Iraq did no good for the Iraqi people. It left a country in ruin. This is a failure on America. Afghanistan will turn in to the same shit-hole. Clinton failed them. Bush failed them and now Obama is failing them. This fear of using war to kill bad guys is doing nothing but aiding and abetting them.

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  7. Demetrius says:

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  8. Better_Late_Than_Gumball says:

    I couldn’t agree more Demetrius. Wow, spam that’s useful.

  9. john says:

    So Gummie you trace the problems in Afghanistan back only to Clinton(D) I would trace them back a bit further, I would trace them back to th BILLIONS that we gave to the radical muslims that fought the COMMUNISTS!!! for us.
    When I was in Afghanistan in 1976-1977 radical islam was NOT a problem. Neither was COMMUNISM!!! (even though they had a communist as President, very very few Afghans even knew what a President was.
    The Taliban have prospered ever since we occupied that country, People just don’t like foreign soldiers in their country. Would you ?
    The course that Afghanistan was destined to follow was charted before Obama took office.
    As far as iraq goes, buyers remorse for those WMD?
    Turned out a bit more expensive than planned?
    Not the “mission accomplished” or “cakewalk” “slam dunk” that we were promised?
    Was the VA fully prepared to be hit with caring for the 45% of all recently deployed vets that were now claiming permanent disability ?

  10. Better_Late_Than_Gumball says:

    Once again, you counter argue everything just to argue. And with that, you make no statement whatsoever.
    You make a slight that Afghanistan has been a shit-hole for decades. yep. What’s your point? It wasn’t created under Reagan when he joined forces with the locals (whoever they were) to fight off communism that the locals (whoever they were) did not want in their country. Russia was an invader. When Russia left, we did too. Afghanistan was left to its own devices and decayed under the growing stench of Islam.

    Bush 41 and Clinton had nothing to do with Afghanistan so am not sure why you are trying to tie them in to this. But then again, you have a problem with reading comprehension and storage.

    The Taliban have prospered ever since we occupied that country

    Again, you are wrong as well as your history. When the coalition forces occupied Afghanistan, we decimated the Taliban. The Taliban for all intents and purposes is gone. al-Queda is now flourishing however. Based on your inaccurate statements, I’m again at a loss to comprehend your line of thought ramblings.

    As far as iraq goes, buyers remorse for those WMD?
    Turned out a bit more expensive than planned?
    Not the “mission accomplished” or “cakewalk” “slam dunk” that we were promised?

    Anyone? Any ideas here? I’m confused. Was this even about this topic?

    J, please keep taking your meds.

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