Dionne: You Gun Owners Are Supremacists

Climate change believers (who are typically hypocrites, but that’s a separate story) refer to non-believers as “deniers”, in an attempt to equate non-belief in climate change to denial of the Holocaust (interestingly, so many of these same climate change believers hate Israel). Along comes E.J. Dionne, referring to gun owners as gun supremacists, in what could be an attempt to make people thing of white supremacists, racists, etc

E.J. Dionne: The gun supremacists’ folly

Have we gone stark raving mad?

The question is brought to mind by the gun law signed last week in Georgia by Gov. Nathan Deal. You might have thought that since the United States couldn’t possibly have more permissive firearms laws than it does now, nothing more could be done to coddle the gun lobby and tip the balance of our statutes away from law enforcement. Alas, you would be wrong.

On one hand, I’ll agree that the Georgia law might go a bit too far. I would have liked to see it coupled with a training requirement to reinforce proper usage, existing law, and responsibility. That said, I’m not sure what Dionne means by “permissive”. He and his ilk have done all they can to muddy the waters for law abiding citizens. Want to express your open carry right, in states and cities that allow it? Good luck with that. The rules and laws are so intricate that it makes it difficult to open carry. Same with concealed carry. There are so many places that they cannot be possessed that gun owners have to plan a trip across town with exacting detail, otherwise they are in violation of the law.

You might not have thought that the inability of people to pack while praying was a big problem. Georgia’s political leaders think otherwise, so the new law allows people to carry guns in their houses of worship. True, congregations can set their own rules, but some pastors wonder about the confusion this provision will create, and those who would keep their sanctuaries gun-free may worry about being branded as liberal elitists. Maybe the Georgia legislature will help them by requiring a rewrite of the Scriptures. “Blessed are the peacemakers” can become “Blessed are the gun owners.”

You will also be able to tote weapons into bars and their parking facilities if the bar grants you permission. I can’t wait to see the next beer ad depicting a gunfight over who pays for the next round.

The vast majority of gun owners, particularly those who carry, take their responsibility seriously. The government restrictions were put in to lawfully restrict the ability to carry, which didn’t affect the criminals who would carry regardless. I suspect lots of businesses will restrict gun possession, which is fine. Their choice. I wouldn’t hold it against them.

Oh yes, and while conservatives claim to hate the centralization of power, this law wipes out a series of local gun regulations. The gun supremacists just don’t trust those pesky local elected officials.

Nice strawman. Of course, it’s the centralized power of the federal government in violation of the 9th and 10th Amendments, much less the designated powers outlined in the Constitution, that we are concerned with. And when hyper-liberal municipalities enact laws that make it difficult to impossible to express our 2nd Amendment Rights, the 1st Amendment allows citizens to petition for redress of grievance. Besides, according to Federalism, States have supremacy over municipalities.

Nothing better reveals the utter irrationality of our politics for the whole world to see than this madness about guns — and no issue better demonstrates how deeply divided our nation is by region, ideology and party.

Know what? Stay in your liberal states. You Lefties destroy your own states in multiple ways, including leaving your own citizens unarmed while coddling criminals who do not care about gun laws. Stay there. Deal with it. Don’t bring your Big Government gun hating culture to our states and cities. You broke it, you stay and deal with it.

The program for the NRA’s annual convention, held over the weekend in Indianapolis, listed sessions on “Survival Mindset: Are You Prepared?”; “Creating a Constitutionally Centered Estate Plan”; and “Refuse to be a Victim.”

How dare you “refuse to be a victim”!!!!!!

Party on, guys. I can’t wait for you to figure out the ways in which even Georgia’s law is too restrictive. In the meantime, the nation’s unarmed majority might ponder how badly we have failed in asserting our own rights.

If you want to assert your own rights, go ahead and try to change the 2nd Amendment. You have no right to force law abiding citizens to disarm. I guess, though, that the unarmed majority think it’s their right to be victims. Funny how so much crime occurs in areas with heavy gun restrictions and in “gun free zones”, wouldn’t you say?

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3 Responses to “Dionne: You Gun Owners Are Supremacists”

  1. Jeffery says:

    “Know what? Stay in your liberal states. You Lefties destroy your own states in multiple ways, including leaving your own citizens unarmed while coddling criminals who do not care about gun laws. Stay there. Deal with it. Don’t bring your Big Government gun hating culture to our states and cities. You broke it, you stay and deal with it.”

    Can we keep all our money too? Red states suck at America’s teat. Citizens of wealthy liberal states pay more federal taxes than they take in federal payments, whereas red states take more than they pay. We liberals may tire of supporting you conservatives, whom, based on all the evidence, are the biggest hypocrites of all. Red states pay less tax, consume more federal money, produce less and pollute much more than liberal blue states.

  2. hockeydad says:

    Can you provide some details on these claims? I’d expect a state with more people to pay more in taxes, I find it hard to believe that those states with less people receive more federal money that is basically given as free cash. Considering that NY has about 1 million people receiving welfare payments it would require a state like Mississippi to have more than 1/4 of it’s population on welfare to equal the same in federal money.

    Federal money is paid out of a variety of reasons, so just claiming red states get more doesn’t really provide the details on how or why they receive that money.

    Digging deeper you find out that much of the federal money spent on these reds states point to military spending. See as you’d like to keep your money, how about finding info on federal spending not that’s not paying for defense (something that the fed should be doing) and provide details on where that federal money is really being spent. I think your going to find that your previous statement is incorrect.

  3. Jeffery says:



    As I pointed out, red states take more than they contribute. For example, in 2012, Louisiana contributed 35 billion in Fed taxes but received 116 billion from the feds meaning Louisiana citizens took 81 billion more than they contributed. In contrast, liberal Minnesotans contributed 79 billion but received only 28 billion, sending 51 billion in to support red states. If red states paid their fair share we could balance the budget.

    I’ll leave it to you to support your own claims about military spending.

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