We’re Saved: Dozens Protest Climate Change In Helena

So, out of a population of a shade of 29,000 within the city, and a county of over 63k citizens, literally dozens are Concerned

(Helena Independent Record) Dozens of Helenans gathered on the Capitol steps Saturday as part of a statewide movement urging state and federal officials to take action against climate change.

Rallies supporting Montanans for Climate Solutions took place in 13 communities across the state Saturday in an effort to raise awareness about and discuss solutions for the global climate crisis.

“It’s sort of a grassroots, organic coming together of citizens,” said Andres Haladay, a Helena city commissioner and master of ceremonies for the Helena rally.

A number of state and community advocacy groups were present at the event, including Montana Environmental Information Center, a main sponsor; Solar Montana; and the Sleeping Giant Citizens Council.

Shiloh Hernandez, chair of the Sleeping Giant Citizens Council, said he helped organize the Helena rally and saw the event as an important opportunity to spread the word about the solutions to climate change, not just the problems associated with it.

Whew, look at all those Concerned Citizens. I wonder if they all walked instead of taking fossil fueled vehicles?

(Photo by Tom Bridge of HIR)

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4 Responses to “We’re Saved: Dozens Protest Climate Change In Helena”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Looks like a Tea Party rally in NY, except without the funny hats and misspelled signs.

  2. […] But the protests continue. William Teach has noticed the citizen’s alarm in Big Sky Montana. […]

  3. goodspkr says:

    Always love how global warming protests invariably are held in very cold weather. 17 years without any warming should make you stop and think.

  4. DL Sly says:

    Huh, must not have raised *awareness* that much. I live just two hours from Helena and even our local paper didn’t cover this.
    Granted, one must expect that, even in a sparcely populated state like Montana there are going to be a few *outlier* personalities…dozens seems to be about the right percentage for a state population just over 1 million.
    Oh, and yes, you’ll win the bet that they all got there in their fossil-fueled vehicles. There isn’t any other way to get around out here.

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