Sen. Whitehouse Plans Fossil Fueled Tour Of Southern States

To push “climate change”, of course

(Providence Journal) In his own version of spring break, U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is hitting the road in April, bound for Miami with several stops along the way — all to raise awareness of climate change.

While heading south to oceanfront destinations might seem like a classic junket, the visits are strategic in the Democrat’s high-profile campaign: the locations are among the most vulnerable to sea-level rise and severe coastal weather — and they are governed by Republicans.

“I think that by going down the coast, I’ll be able to bring some of our good Rhode Island common sense and find its equivalent in these areas where the effect of climate change is not only undeniable, it’s actually measurable,” Whitehouse said.

“I’m trying to explore what the best arguments would be to get my colleagues to move away from climate denial — that strategy — and find a way to engage on this issue as opposed to pretending it isn’t happening.”

I welcome him here in North Carolina (though there is no real agenda yet which would tell me he’s coming here). I’d be happy to discuss my “denialism” with him, and show him the data that highlights that anthropogenic causation is primarily a pantload of mule fritters. Oh, and I’d love to ask him why he is using fossil fuels

Whitehouse will travel with two staffers and, for part of the trip, drive from one coastal community to another. After making stops in Charlestown, S.C., and Tybee Island in Georgia, they’ll fly the last leg into Miami.

Whitehouse has complained quite a bit about fossil fuels usage. He’s big in backing the whole divestment movement. Yet, here he is, taking fossil fueled trips.

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10 Responses to “Sen. Whitehouse Plans Fossil Fueled Tour Of Southern States”

  1. John says:

    Hopefully the result of his efforts and carbon footprint will result in a decrease in the TOTAL carbon footprint. His personal carbon foot print will be rather small compared to what he hopes to achieve. Of course you DO realize that the individual carbon footprint ofbAmericand is decreasing thanks for using those energy saving light bulbs !!

  2. John says:

    Probably his answer would be that they are currently his best choice but he is working to give all better choices
    Tish how do you feel about the USNavy’ belief that climate change is real and that it is AGW ? Do you believe that you have a better grasp of science than the Chief Oceanographer of the USN?
    Have you ever heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect?

  3. jl says:

    John, since when did the chief oceanographer of the US Navy become “the US Navy’s belief”? So all those thousands of men and women believe the same thing as the chief oceanographer? Or are you just a very weak debater that is showing his desperation? I’ll take door # 2. Of course in science, it’s irrelevant what anybody “believes”. “America’s carbon foot print is lower thanks to energy saving light bulbs.” Actually, for the most part it’s lower because of fracking. Nothing wrong with energy saving light bulbs, what’s wrong is being forced by the government to buy them. Big difference.

  4. Jeffery says:


    “and show him the data that highlights that anthropogenic causation is primarily a pantload of mule fritters.”

    I suspect the Senator will not find time to meet with you, so maybe you will share that data with us? Perhaps you could add it to your CLIMATE CHANGE DATA tab. Secrecy is anathema to sound science, so if you have secret data invalidating the theory of AGW you should share it. What are you waiting for?

    Is your secret data somehow related to david’s secret hypothesis that the Earth has moved closer to the Sun but climate scientists have either missed the phenomenon or suppressed the evidence?

  5. gitarcarver says:

    Secrecy is anathema to sound science,

    Dear Michael Mann and Committee Members of the IPCC,

    Jeffery has just stated your “work,” done in secret and without releasing data, is anathema to sound silence.

    That is all.

  6. Jeffery says:

    I see gitar still has reading comprehension problems.

    You seem to swallow every zombie lie that Teach and the deniers ejaculate.

    All the raw data are available for you, Teach and Lord Mungton to misinterpret as you see fit. No one is stopping you.

    Where is Teach’s data invalidating the theory of AGW?

    How does the Senator’s itinerary invalidate the theory of AGW??

  7. gitarcarver says:

    Poor Jeffery, he doesn’t remember when Mann said that he wouldn’t release his data. He doesn’t remember when the IPCC met in secret and didn’t allow anyone to get the actual data.

    Poor Jeffery lives in a world where being an ostrich is the same thing as being a “scientist.”

    Keep denying the truth Jeffery. It’ll get you somewhere.

    Just not where you want to go.

  8. Jeffery says:

    Poor gitar, trolling for old, out of context quotes, and not aware of the current state of the world. The data are all there and all say the same thing: gitar and his ilk are wrong.

    Must be why he thinks the Earth heating up 3 billion years ago when bombarded by large asteroids is relevant to the rapid warming we’re now experiencing.

    Do you or do you not have data invalidating the theory of AGW? I suspect not or you wouldn’t continually change the subject.

    I apologize for suggesting that you might subscribe to david’s hypothesis that the Earth has moved closer to the Sun. I had forgotten that you think the Sun orbits the Earth.

  9. gitarcarver says:

    I suspect not or you wouldn’t continually change the subject.

    That’s funny.

    Did you not say “Secrecy is anathema to sound science?”

    Do you not realize that Mann hid his data? His emails? Do you not remember made up data in the 2007 IPCC report? All of which was attempted to be hidden by people of your ilk?

    Furthermore, hos is responding to your very quote “changing the subject?”

    Oh yeah…. it must be “changing the subject” because once again you have been exposed.

    It must hurt getting your butt kicked so often.

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