Bummer: Your TV Is Bad For Climate Change

This just goes to show that Warmists never give up on a good meme, they just keep recycling it. In this case, out to the Philippines

CLIMATE CHANGE ALERT | Leaving your TV set on ‘standby mode’ is hurting the environment

MANILA – Want to help the environment by bringing down your carbon footprint? Here’s a simple step that even a couch potato can do: when not in use, turn off the TV set, instead of placing it on standby mode.

According to Department of Energy (DOE) director Mario C. Marasigan, curbing “uncontrolled utilization of energy” from appliances on standby mode such as TV sets reduces our carbon footprint.

“There are 90 million Filipinos in 19 million homes with at least one TV. This TV [uses] seven watts of power while [you are] not watching, just waiting for you to operate. That’s 133 megawatts for not watching TV,” he said during a media briefing on Thursday.

There is a thing called “vampire energy”, and this is what it is about. Appliances using energy even when turned off. But, really, the only thing it can hurt is your electric bill, not the “climate” and certainly not the environment. But, hey, if Warmists believe this so much, then they should unplug the majority of their appliances whenever they aren’t in use, and just deal with the resetting, and, in some cases, like DVRs and cable boxes, the long turn on cycle.

Marasigan said the government is collaborating with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and World Wide Fund in a study to come up with policy and technological recommendations to reach “climate safe” development by 2050.

And normal speak, that means the government of the Philippines is looking to raise people’s costs as well as burden them with more Big Government control of their private lives.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Your TV Is Bad For Climate Change”

  1. John says:

    Fossil fuel powerplants don’t hurt the enviorment ? Really Teach that is absurd. Seen any coal fly ash on the Dan river down your way ?

  2. Saturday morning links

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  3. Jeffery says:

    Why do conservatives favor wasting energy? Increased efficiency will cut costs and reduce pollution, both beneficial. What benefit do you derive from wasting energy? Just the pleasure of profligacy?

    I can even understand that power companies want to sell more product, but how does waste benefit consumers and citizens?

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