Hey, Did You Remember That Today Is “Earth Hour”?

Yes, yes, Earth Hour, hooray! Warmists will take a whole hour out of a total of 8,765.81 hours in a year to turn a few lights off and pat themselves on the back. How’s that working out?

(The Australian) At 8:30 tonight, landmarks from Sydney to Los Angeles, the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building will go dark. Across the globe people and public places will switch off their lights for one hour to raise awareness about the impact of energy use on climate change.

Earth Hour bills itself as a grassroots campaign to let self-styled global citizens demonstrate their commitment to green issues.

More than a billion people take part, and they are undoubtedly genuinely concerned and engaged. Unfortunately, Earth Hour is nothing but an ineffective feel-good event.

It leads us to believe that we’re doing something for the climate while distracting us from the real problems and solutions. (snip)

But there is something much more disturbing about this celebration of darkness.

While more than a billion people across the globe make a symbol of forgoing non-essential electrical power for one hour a year, another 1.3 billion people across the developing world will continue to live without electricity as they do every other night of the year. Almost three billion people still burn dung, twigs and other traditional fuels indoors to cook and keep warm. These fuels give off noxious fumes that kill an estimated 3.5 million people each year, mostly women and children.

The article also notes that “climate change” policies are hurting the middle class and 1st world poor by causing energy spikes.

Almost all participants approach Earth Hour with the best intentions. But instead of turning off the lights for everyone, let’s focus on finding bright solutions that can actually make a difference for the climate and the poor.

Yeah, but this is not about solutions, this is about enacting hardcore Progressive policies of Big Government, control over people and private entities, higher taxation, and the government as our Parent. Hence the reason why Warmists push this Earth Hour nonsense. Anyone think BBall fans will turn the games off from 830-930pm tonight, as part of the final whatever (I couldn’t care less about it)? 6 NBA games that will overlap the time frame (Eastern time)? 7 NHL games? Preseason baseball?

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5 Responses to “Hey, Did You Remember That Today Is “Earth Hour”?”

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  3. Kevin says:

    I love Earth hour, because I love the Earth. We should all celebrate it. There are so many ways to do it.

    I like to eat things that came out of the Earth, or eat animals that ate things that came out of the Earth. Or maybe drive a vehicle with fuel that came from the bosom of Gaia. No solar powered stuff. This is not Sol hour. It’s Earth hour!

  4. Blickb says:

    I am with Kevin. Turn on all the lights; even light a few candles, to celebrate Light not darkness. Celebrate man’s ingenuity and technology. Use the hour to reflect (pun intended) on the bounty of the earth and be thankful. Why celebrate poverty and darkness? What you celebrate, is what you get.

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