“Unusually Late” Winter Storm Buries D.C.

Good thing the Senate Warmists held their little sleepover last Monday. This is bit of a delay in the Gore Effect

(USA Today) A winter storm slammed the mid-Atlantic early Monday, dumping at least seven inches of snow on Washington, D.C., forcing the federal government to shut down and disrupting travelers at area airports.

National Weather Service meteorologist David Hamrick called it an “unusually late winter storm.” Winter storm warnings remained in effect for additional light snow across much of West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey, though the heaviest snow had moved out to sea as of early morning.

Washington D.C., which often dodges some of the biggest snow totals from Mid-Atlantic storms, registered a hefty 7.2 inches, the Capital Weather Gang reported. This made it the third-biggest snowstorm so late in the season and the 10th-greatest March snowstorm on record for the nation’s capital.

I blame Senate Democrats for keeping the power cranked up last Monday for their cranky “climate change” sleepover last Monday, putting out carbon pollution which makes it so hot that it gets cold and produces heavy snow.

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6 Responses to ““Unusually Late” Winter Storm Buries D.C.”

  1. john says:

    The only “climate changer” Teach can believe in is The Great Flood from that Noah story
    Hey wit a minute ???? wasn’t that directly brought about by man’s sinning ? maybe Teach the warmists chould tell you that this climate change is also from “sin”. Could you go for that ?

  2. Jeffery says:


    Do you really believe that a snowstorm in DC in March says anything significant about global warming?

    The surface of the Earth and the Earth’s oceans are warming because of CO2 added to the atmosphere.

  3. Hey, you Warmists told us snow would be a thing of the past. What’s being invalidated is anthropogenic global warming.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Do you really believe that a snowstorm in DC in March says anything significant about global warming?

    Here again Jeffery tries to erect a strawman argument as what is being said may not be “significant” but may be a piece of the puzzle.

    This is typical of people like Jeffery.

    So a lack of precise history on temperatures in the world is “not significant.” Temps being higher in the past than they are now is “not significant.” CO2 levels in the past are “not significant.” Data being manipulated is “not significant.” Claims of a consensus being false is “not significant.” Climate models adjusting data rather than results is “not significant.” IPCC reports being doctored and having research errors is “not significant.” Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Like any cult members, people like Jeffery will never objectively examine holes in their belief’s dyke. Quite simply, they are intellectual cockroaches that when you tun on the light on one area, they simply run to another area.

    Oh, and by the way Jeffery, Al Gore and you are still hypocrites in the AGW debate and your unwillingness of you, Gore and people of your ilk to change your lifestyle shows that your talk about AGW is bluster and that you don’t actually believe what you type.

    Actions speak louder than words Jeffery.

  5. Jeffery says:


    Nice try. Since the Earth’s surface and oceans continue to warm how can you say that AGW is being invalidated? Oh, you can just say it.

    Who told you that snow would be a thing of the past? The IPCC? No. Some guy in England? Yes.

    Clearly the Earth is warming, even though we still have cold snaps and blizzards!

    The sum total of your “invalidation” of the overwhelming evidence supporting AGW is snow in winter and that Al Gore flies to Africa.

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