Obama Blew Off Ukraine National Security Briefing

I quick interlude from all the climate change posts (I have several more in the hopper for today): as liberals complain that conservatives are undercutting Obama on dealing with Putin, calling Obama weak, feckless, and so on, remember this

(Yahoo News) President Barack Obama’s national security team discussed the Ukraine crisis in a session at the White House on Saturday after a last-ditch bid to find a diplomatic solution to the Cold War-style standoff with Russia floundered.

Secretary of State John Kerry, who just returned from talks with his Russian counterpart in London, was at the White House meeting along with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Obama did not attend the meeting but was being briefed about it and other developments involving Ukraine, said Laura Lucas Magnuson, a spokeswoman for the White House National Security Council.

Why would anyone, especially Putin, take Obama seriously when he can’t even take the time to do the job of POTUS? The other day Jonah Goldberg wrote

As I wrote in my “Obamacare Schadenfreudarama“ screed, Obama often seems to think saying “X must happen” is all he needs to do to ensure that X happens. Saying “the website is great” means the website is great. Talking about “red lines” is the same thing as enforcing “red lines.” It seems to me, this is because Obama is only comfortable running for president not being president. That’s why he always reverts to campaign mode.

That goes with the notion that Obama likes to BE president, he doesn’t like to DO president.

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One Response to “Obama Blew Off Ukraine National Security Briefing”

  1. david7134 says:

    The conference was on Saturday, Obama is not going to work on a weekend. You expect far too much. Also, the Bengasi affair took place at night, do you really think Obama should have been awakened to make decisions? Or Hillary for that matter.

    What do you think the response will be from Kerry/Obama now that 95% of the Crimea wants to be part of Russia? Also, if they accept this reality, can the South now secede since the precedent has been set?

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