9 Year Old NJ Girl Explains Restrictive Guns Law Idiocy

This goes to the proposed law I mentioned back in February, which would limit magazines to 10 rounds, among other things. She, figuratively, blew the room away

(The Blaze) Speaking before the New Jersey Law and Public Safety Committee in Trenton, N.J., on Thursday, 9-year-old competition shooter Shyanne Roberts spoke in opposition to a proposed bill that would further limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds.

In her speech, which earned thunderous applause from the audience, she presented the simplicity and common sense nature of the pro-gun argument in a way only a kid can.

“I am not a ‘gang banger or domestic terrorist’ as a certain vocal supporter of this bill claimed two weeks ago in the Star Ledger,” Roberts said. “This bill, if it becomes law, will severely impact me and a million other gun owners.”

The 9-year-old girl explained that she is a 4th-grade honor roll student and competitive shooter in multiple styles with numerous local, state and national sponsors.

“I have worked and trained very hard to get to the level I am at and if A2006 becomes law, I will be forced to choose between giving up on a very great and promising future in a sport that I love or asking my dad to move to another state. I will not be giving up my sport.”

She stated that if the law went into effect, it would make illegal the sport of competitive shooting

“Everyone is upset about bad people doing bad things to others, but punishing the people who didn’t do anything wrong is not the way to stop bad people,” she added. “If it wasn’t against the law, I would’ve brought one of my competition guns with me today to show you it won’t do anything unless someone touches it.”

Boom! She encapsulates the issue succinctly, in that the laws criminalize the behavior of law abiding citizens and punish them. And let’s not forget that the true criminals that these laws are supposed to stop do not care, because they are criminals.

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3 Responses to “9 Year Old NJ Girl Explains Restrictive Guns Law Idiocy”

  1. CTsOpinion says:

    The self-righteous Asshats that desire to remove guns from the public realm will not be deterred by logic or the Constitution that they do not respect. It is a very sad commentary on our time that fear mongering for political gain with media support is being used to manipulate Americans into surrendering their freedom.

  2. Great point. That’s exactly what this is about, controlling the citizens, making them reliant upon Government for protection.

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