Bummer: “Climate Change” To Reduce Surfing Waves

This article brought to you by computer models and idiocy

(Guardian) Researchers have warned surfers that climate change will significantly reduce the number of large waves off Australia’s east coast in the coming decades.

The research found that an increase in greenhouses gases will cut the number of days with large ocean waves more than four metres high. The frequency of large waves is expected to drop by 40% by the end of the century, with roughly half of this decline happening over the next 30 years.

Researchers looked at 18 different climate change models and found that even in a scenario where greenhouse gas emissions were rapidly slowed, there would be a 25% reduction in large waves.


The study, published by Nature, analysed buoy data along the NSW coast, from Coffs Harbour to Eden, to show that large waves in the region are primarily caused by storms called east coast lows.

As heat-trapping gases are released into the atmosphere, fewer of these storms are created, resulting in a reduction in large waves.

As Bob Greene at Junk Science notes

Global warming predicts more storms everywhere except when the narrative needs fewer storms.

Hey, whatever serves the storyline. More storms, less storms. Haven’t the Climate Change Sheep been bleating about Hotcoldwetdry creating more extreme weather? These two comments at Grist are amusing

Ummm … doesn’t global warming result in more severe and more frequent storms…. and the bigger the storm – the bigger the wave…..What’s next – climate change is gonna cause catastrophic doldrums?

Silly you

Well that seems to be happening in the northern hemisphere right now due to less temperature variance between the Arctic and temperate regions, causing the jet stream to meander and get stuck.

Strange. This winter has seen lots and lots of storms. Warmists live in an alternate universe, and can’t seem to remember their own lies.

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