Good Grief: Food Nannies Now Pushing “Climate Change” In Dietary Guidelines

No one is surprised in the least, right? (via Anthony Watts)

(National Center) At a closed-door meeting to take place March 14, the Obama Administration’s Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services plan to update the nation’s “dietary guidelines” — a document with significant repercussions for food stamps, military and school meals programs — to include anti-global warming activism.

In an article, “Obama administration pollutes guidelines for healthy eating with unhealthy ideologies,” published Sunday by the Washington Examiner, National Center Senior Fellow and Risk Analysis Division Director Jeff Stier says environmental activists within the U.S. government plan to change the nation’s dietary guidelines to promote foods that they believe have “a smaller carbon footprint.”

In the past, says Stier, the federal government’s dietary guidelines were intended exclusively to “promote health and reduce risk for major chronic diseases.”

No more, says Stier: “For the first time in the history of the guidelines, ‘sustainability’ is part of the agenda. Actual items on their Dietary Guidelines working group agenda include ‘immigration,’ ‘global climate change’ and ‘agriculture/aquaculture sustainability.'”

What’s more, says Stier, these new guidelines will cost the public money: “By favoring foods which activists think have a smaller carbon footprint, the new guidelines will increase the prices you pay for your food. It will also increase the cost to all taxpayers, since the Dietary Guidelines are used to set policy for food stamps (SNAP) and military diets,” he says.

From the Washington Examiner article

But now, committee members appointed by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius are hijacking the guidelines to advance a range of ideological agendas having nothing to do with healthy eating.

For the first time, “sustainability” is part of the agenda in drafting the guidelines. Other agenda items include “immigration,” “global climate change” and “agriculture/aquaculture sustainability.”

PS: Make sure to read both articles for full facepalmage.

PPS: Kinda gives more credence to the notion that Hotcoldwetdry is more about and control than any sort of “environmental” issues, eh?

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3 Responses to “Good Grief: Food Nannies Now Pushing “Climate Change” In Dietary Guidelines”

  1. John says:

    Good grief the rate of child obesity is dropping any comment on that Teach

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Good grief the rate of child obesity

    Oh john, I know that you have issues reading, but this is insane even for you.

    The rates for childhood obesity in preschool kids has dropped. Those are the kids that are away from the rules proposed by the administration, forced on schools, and touted by Michelle Obama.

    In other words, we see once again where the feds waste money on rules that don’t do anything.

  3. Good grief the rate of child obesity is dropping any comment on that Teach

    I’ll be happy to comment on it when you write on post on the subject on your own blog, John.

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