Katherine Hayhoe: “Climate Change” Facts Aren’t Enough Or Something

Dude (and dudettes), if only Warmists had engaged in some sort of spreading awareness campaign over the past few decades

(Delaware Online) As the global science of human-caused climate change improves, the public’s inadequate understanding “is definitely a worry,” a top national researcher said Monday.

“I think, for a long time, we’ve been operating under the assumption that the facts are enough,” said Katharine Hayhoe, a Texas Tech University atmospheric scientist retained by Delaware to prepare a climate change forecast.

“In terms of scientific certainty, we’re adding decimal points [to confidence], whereas in public opinion, we could be advancing by tens of percent” through outreach and better communication, said Hayhoe, a lead author for the latest National Climate Assessment. “I think that is what we have to be doing.”

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at this absurd notion. First, their so-called science has become more insane over the years. Their computer models mostly fail. They simply seem to make things up as the go along. They’ve created a “science” that is non-disprovable. Everything “proves” their notions, which is completely against the Scientific Method.

Second, they’ve had awareness programs for decades. Which is mostly all they do. Few Believers actually put into practice their core beliefs. This little speech was held in Delaware. Hayhoe lives in Texas. How, exactly, did she get to Delaware? Anyone want to be she took a fossil fueled vehicle to the airport, then a fossil fueled flight to Delaware, then a fossil fueled vehicle to her hotel, then did it in reverse?

Under current worst-case outlooks for the state, temperatures could hit 95 degrees or higher about 65 days a year, with 100-degree-plus days becoming far more common than today. The research relied on Delaware climate records dating to 1895 and a battery of climate models, including some released for use this year.

For Delaware, unchanged emissions patterns could lead to a 9 to 10 degree increase in the annual average maximum daily temperature by 2100, according to Hayhoe’s earlier report, with more days with high electricity demand for air conditioning and longer growing seasons.

It’s not science, it’s wishful thinking. Delaware had something like 13 days at 90 degrees+ in 2013. Oh, hey, look, spreading awareness

Taking 7 million steps to ‘walk the talk’ on climate change

Next year, I plan to walk the Great March for Climate Action (http://climatemarch.org) across America with a small army of passionate folks dedicated to a sustainable future for life on the planet. The goal is “to change the heart and mind of the American people, our elected leaders and people across the world into acting now to address the climate crisis.”

Why not simply walk all the time, instead of using fossil fueled travel? What will this accomplish?

Historically, great marches have helped produce dramatic social and political change — Gandhi’s march to the sea; the Suffragettes march for women’s right to vote; the march on Selma led by Martin Luther King Jr.; the great anti-nuclear Peace March in 1986. But never has it been more critical to take immediate action.

Good grief, comparing Hotcoldwetdry to those other important marches is beyond bat guano insane. Someone should tell Katherine Hayhoe that people are spreading awareness.

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2 Responses to “Katherine Hayhoe: “Climate Change” Facts Aren’t Enough Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:


    You’re spreading something, but it ain’t awareness.

    You should read your own post on logical fallacies and pledge to stop committing them!

  2. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    Teach, you should read your own post and stop it. Just stop “it”. I won’t tell you what it is, but just stop doing “it”. Srsly, you’re destroying “it” when you do “it”. You’ve got to stop “it” from doing “it”.

    (have we changed the subject enough now? I know J has and continues to)

    So, if the last 30 years of progressive liberal anti-American propaganda and school indoctrination wasn’t enough, then maybe humans are too smart for their own good? Sounds like they are gearing up for an even greater push:
    “pass immigration amnesty because climate change”
    “fix and expand FailCare because climate change”
    “increase taxes because climate change”
    “increase minimum wage because climate change”
    “increase insurance payouts to non-policy holders because climate change”
    “increase redistributive wealth because of climate change” (repubs are helping to push this one)
    “decrease economy because of climate change”
    “decrease number of businesses because of climate change”
    “reduce the population through all the above because of climate change”


    (Delaware Online) As the global science of human-caused climate change improves

    What the heck is “global science”? Wouldn’t that be geology, or geography?

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