Climate Targets To Be Announced In 2015 To Avoid U.S. Midterms

Much like some of the big effects of Obamacare, Team Obama does not want the climate targets to come out and hurt Democrat election efforts. This was unintentionally exposed by Guardian reporter Fiona Harvey (via Tom Nelson)

Weary delegates trudging home from an exhausting and sleep-deprived fortnight of climate change talks in Warsaw may be unwilling to acknowledge it, but the hard work is just beginning. Like schoolchildren after a packed day of lessons, they have been sent back to their national capitals to “do their homework”.

By the first quarter of 2015, countries must come forward with their “contributions” to global reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, that will come into force from 2020. (snip)

Publishing targets in the first quarter of 2015 do not leave long for the assessment process to take place. However, that timetable has been drawn up chiefly to take account of the realities of the US electoral timetable. The US government announced earlier this year that it would set its post-2020 targets in the first quarter of 2015. That is necessary to ensure that the decision does not get tangled up in the US congressional elections in autumn 2014 – they are likely to be touchy enough, without introducing the incendiary subject of climate change.

Funny how Democrats always seem to want to avoid the hard decisions for their belief sets when election time comes around. It’s almost like they know that their beliefs are unpopular.

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3 Responses to “Climate Targets To Be Announced In 2015 To Avoid U.S. Midterms”

  1. Hot_Tea_Drinkin_Gumballs says:

    It is interesting how Socialists always used to hide their intentions in elections prior. But nowadays, they tell you explicitly what they want to do, and now most people don’t care.

    Old: take care of the poorest among us.
    New: Forcibly take the profits of anyone we deem in the wrong and give them to whomever we choose.

    Old: provide care to those unable to care for themselves.
    New: take away the insurance industry so we can force everyone in to government-controlled care.

    Old: restrict pollution to protect health
    New: restrict energy to … restrict energy and economy.

  2. True. Obama said exactly what he wanted to do during the campaign season and before, and people preferred pie in the sky bloviation over leadership, competence, experience, etc. Same for 2012.

  3. Hot_Tea_Drinkin_Gumballs says:

    One thing that we as Conservatives need to work on, is spreading the knowledge on what exactly is SOCIALISM and why it is so antithetical to America.

    We may call Obama and his ilk Socialists, but I am beginning to believe that today’s illiterate have no idea what it means. Or why it is so bad. We must fully describe why Socialism is deadly and unfair.

    We must also fight against the GOP as they try and stop us. Note in the previous elections how the Repub candidates did all they could to not call Obama a Socialist. And even Romney refused to say Obama and his policies were wrong.

    We need to put names to these people and say why they are bad for America.

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