Strange, Most Super Deadly Cyclones Occurred When CO2 Was At “Safe” Levels

Who would have thought it?

(IBD) The United Nations climate chief blames the Philippines devastation on climate change, ignoring the historical record that 33 of the 35 most devastating storms occurred with CO2 below current levels.

One can appreciate the genuine grief felt by an emotional Naderev “Yeb” Sano as the delegate from a Philippines devastated by Typhoon Haiyan spoke at the start of two-week talks in Warsaw where more than 190 countries will try to lay the groundwork for a new pact to fight global warming.

“We can fix this. We can stop this madness. Right now, right here,” Sano told delegates in Warsaw as he pleaded for action on climate change.

Christiana Figueres, head of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, Blamed Haiyan/Yolanda on “climate change”, going down the same road as so many other Warmists. Depending on which one you listen to, and how they’re responding, they’ll tell us that the storm was caused by “climate change”, or was made worse by “climate change”. They’ll say this is what the new normal will be. But, of course, any big snow storms, cold snaps, early snow, are just storms, and mean nothing…well, then they’ll tell you that cold and snow is caused by “climate change”, so I guess that’s not the best example. Because “climate change” causes everything.


There have been 35 cyclones in the last 800 years that have killed more than 10,000 people. Thirty-three occurred with CO2 below 350 PPM. The deadliest one in 1970 was blamed on global cooling at the time, says Goddard. A chart at the website Real Science shows a pattern of storms unrelated to anything mankind has done.

Here’s that chart (remember, below 350ppm is supposed to be “safe”)

That one comes from Steven Goddard. IBD has a prettier one, but it is small. And before someone goes “eeewwwwww, Steven Goddard, icky skeptic!!!!”, the data comes from Weather Underground. Which probably obtained the data from NOAA or a similar agency.

The deadliest one in 1970 was blamed on global cooling at the time.

Interestingly, a goodly chunk occurred during cool periods. Nice try Warmists, but maybe you should try practicing science, rather than hysteria and soothsaying.

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7 Responses to “Strange, Most Super Deadly Cyclones Occurred When CO2 Was At “Safe” Levels”

  1. Ignore_Cold_Gumballs says:

    Isn’t it interesting that CAGWers say that a particular storm was “made worse” by a changing climate. yet, how would they know? Do they have a way of transporting that storm to another time prior to 1940’s and watching how it grew and where it went and how it impacted man and nature?

    But, funny that, there weren’t as many people prior to 1940 as now. Also interesting, there weren’t as many people living on the coast then as are now. Or as expensive living structures either. Funny that.

    Facts and reality don’t matter to these people. Look at the people in CA that believed Martin Luther King died the other day in a car crash in DC. These people vote.

  2. Blick says:

    The Captain says, “Nice try Warmists, but maybe you should try practicing science, rather than hysteria and soothsaying.” But Captain, science is too hard and requires thought. Emoting and feelings are sooooo easy and don’t need icky facts or logic. Signed, environ-Emo.

  3. Ignore_Cold_Gumballs says:

    But, but, that 450mph sharknado hurricane that caused Philippines to tip over is nothing to be laughed at.

  4. Trish Mac says:

    Stop it. I sense sarcasm from all of you. There WAS no weather/warming/cooling/storms/droughts/monsoons/typhoons/hurricans/tornadoes/light showers/balmynights, before we started driving cars and heating and cooling our huts. It was sunshine and lollipops. Now, it’s one giant hot ass planet that will implode with one more Climate change conference.

  5. Ignore_Cold_Gumballs says:

    I think it’s spreading

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