Obamacare Ads Go Slutty

Obviously, I’m going to be accused of “slut shaming”. Maybe I should have used the word “skank”, having stolen this from Black and Right

(Yahoo News) From the folks who brought you the “brosurance” campaign that promotes the affordable care act comes a new line of ads aimed at reminding young women the new law will subsidize their birth control.

The online ads were created by two nonprofit groups, the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative and Progress Now, to encourage young people to enroll in the exchanges.

Seriously, it has come to this

Well, at least this isn’t funded by the government. Directly. Progress Now is a typical far left Progressive organization, with big funding from George Soros and other lefties (link opens up document. It’s safe. I opened it myself), along with lots of links to other progressive groups. CCHI is similarly far left.

There are more ads at the Yahoo News link. Which break down women into the category of sluts who need Someone Else to pay for their contraception.

BTW, the ad campaign is called “hoeinsurance”, to go along with “broinsurance”. CCHI removed those references from their website. All the adds are available here.

More: I was about to crosspost this at Right Wing News, then notice that there is a link to Michelle Malkin’s column regarding bro’s and hoe’s.

  • The Lonely Conservative: Hey Girls, Let Obamacare Bring Out Your Inner Hussie!
  • DaTechGuy: Because nothing says “empowering women” more than a Government program aiding them in getting hookups with strange men.
  • The Hayride notes that lots of the ads are rather “boozy”.
  • The First Street Journal links, and notices the failure of leadership and ducking of responsibility by Obama for his signature legislation.
  • Sister Toldjah notices the ad in context of national birth control day. If only all Liberals would always use birth control at all times during their child bearing years. Better yet, they should all get those free sterilizations offered by O-care. “Bros and hoes” both, just to make sure.
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8 Responses to “Obamacare Ads Go Slutty”

  1. Do you think “Nate” knows he’s covered for the pill, too?

  2. Cold_Front_Gumballs says:

    I’m betting that these are paid for. Recall the millions that were handed out by DHS for “advertisements” and “training”. Most went to volunteer organizations that just happen to be tied to Soros and Socialist Orgs.

  3. […] seeing the ad to the right on several sites — The Lonely Conservative, Sister Toldjah and The Pirate’s Cove — I started thinking, once again, about the costs of the Patient Protection and Affordable […]

  4. Trish Mac says:

    This is amazing. If the milennials don’t realize what fools they’re being played for, then we really have no hope for the future!

    To catch a funny take on it- go to Michelle Obama’s Mirror blog. She rips these ads!


  5. Cold_Front_Gumballs says:

    Ace’s take on it is pretty much what yours is… if this doesn’t piss off the millennials, and if this is really how shallow they are (my belief), then our future is royally screwed (again, my belief).

    It will take many decades to repair the damage done by our professional socialist union educators. First step, disband the Fed Dept of Education.
    ~Second, hire non-union teachers.
    ~Third, fire teachers who do not have not had a >50% graduation rate.
    ~Fourth, fire teachers who sit in rubber rooms.
    ~Fifth, add back in the schooling hours taken away over the years.
    ~Sixth, take out liberal arts classes from elementary to jr high. You want to take music? Fine, but you’ll also have to take chemistry and civics. Oh, and re-add civics classes. Re-add economics and literature.
    ~Seventh, you want to pass to next grade, get a 60% or better grade.
    ~Eighth, stop coddling kids. Break out the paddles and dunce hats.
    ~Ninth, stop treating honor students the same as you do punk-ass kids. Start treating punk-ass kids like punk-ass kids. Why do kids with poptarts and chicken fingers get expelled while punk-ass kids get to stay in school?

  6. Trish Mac says:

    What I would give for the enactment of gumballs education system! It is so nearly perfect…I could cry.
    Alas, it is far too sensible, leads to healthy minded children, would foster actual learning as opposed to indoctrination, and that is not the goal anymore.

  7. Cold_Front_Gumballs says:

    Unfortunately LaS, nate is also covered for mammograms and pregnancy. And abortifactants. At least he has to pay for it. Even if he is a very staunch pro-life believer – but then Susie is in for a big surprise tonight if so.

    Trish, unfortunately, reason, logic, and clear thinking are not part of our political or normal landscape. As the saying goes, local elections matter – everything is local. We elect school board members who hired principals and our kid’s educators. The issues with schools are our fault.

    But then it is a catch-22 inbred system. Our failing education has limited our reasoning and self-thinking, which has increased the hiring of liberal and socialists in to the education\political system, which then leads to further decreased education and apathy and selfishness.

    And further descent in to madness we go.

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