Insurance Cancellations Soar Above Obamacare Applications

It seems to be a daily thing, finding out that some insurance company is sending out notices of cancellation due to provisions of the Affordable Care Act

(Daily Caller) Hundreds of thousands of Americans who purchase their own health insurance have received cancellation notices since August because the plans do not meet Obamacare’s requirements.

The number of cancellation notices greatly exceed the number of Obamacare enrollees.

Insurance carrier Florida Blue sent out 300,000 cancellation notices, or 80 percent of the entire state’s individual coverage policies, Kaiser Health News reports. California’s Kaiser Permanente canceled 160,000 plans — half of its insurance plans in the state — while Blue Shield of California sent 119,000 notices in mid-September alone.

Two major insurance carriers in Pennsylvania, Insurance Highmark in Pittsburgh and Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia plan to cancel 20 percent and 45 percent of their total plans, respectively.

Nearly 800,000 New Jersey residents’ health-care plans will not longer exist in 2014, forcing insurers to create new ones for individuals and small business owners that hew to the Obamacare’s new regulations, The New Jersey Star Ledger found in early October.

That’s just a portion of those who’ve seen their plans ended. There are cancellation notices going out all of the country. Multiple carriers in Colorado cancelled plans, catching Michelle Malkin in the crossfire.

More Americans have lost their individual health coverage in Florida and California than have gotten past the login screen on, according to The Washington Post, which reports that 476,000 applications have “been started,” but not completed.’s dysfunctional website has helped enrollment grind to almost a complete halt.

Of course, we do not know how many have actually obtained insurance through the Exchanges, both national and state run. The Chicago Tribune notices the same thing, and notes

That is far north of half a million lives dropped due to new ObamaCare regulations in just 3 states. That doesn’t even include recent reports in North Carolina of Blue Cross planning to cancel a sizable portion of their plans, or carriers doing the same in Illinois or Nebraska.

One has to wonder how many other carriers will soon be dropping the hammer on consumers. When all is said and done, 16 million Americans could lose their health insurance thanks to the Obamacare provisions. And that’s before we get to the time when businesses start dropping their own sponsored coverage prior to the employer mandate kicking in come 2015.

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3 Responses to “Insurance Cancellations Soar Above Obamacare Applications”

  1. david7134 says:

    I lost my insurance. They just shut down about 600 individual policies. The insurance is Vantage. It is mostly in Louisiana but if you have it get rid of it. Then, BC increased my wife and son’s deductible and out of pocket saying that the IRS had instructed them to do so. Since when did the Federal government have the authority to enter into a contract? I don’t think they have that authority. But, as the end of the day it really does not matter as it is obvious that the country is going down the toilet bowl. My broker would not even take an order for stocks as he says the market is going to crash.

  2. Damn, sorry to hear about this, David. And we know that the Exchange insurance will suck.

    I’m just wondering if someone is going to sue, or create a class action, over Los Federales creating a condition where legal contracts are cancelled.

  3. Son_Of_Gumballs says:

    Sorry David. This nation will continue to suffer until the Socialists are removed from power, in all houses and all agencies, and both parties. We are going to see a crash before things get better.

    I imagine there will be quite a few suits come next year. There is one going to SCOTUS about the subsidies.

    So, taxes and fees and utilities have gone up over the last 2 years, and now, insurance is going up. Wait till the EPA starts really forcing electric and fuel producers to start charging more for their products.

    Meanwhile, the Republicans are quiet as …. a whipped republican. No word, no ads, no rips, no cries of bad gov’t. Meanwhile the gov’t gets to come out and blame this failure on the Repub party for Ted Cruz’s stand for 2 days. No response means acceptance.

    This party continues to display all the signs of a battered wife who actually believes she deserves to be beaten.

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