Arizona Gov’t, Businesses Fight To Re-open Grand Canyon

However, Obama’s Department Of Making Americans Feel The Pain have said “nope”

(Fox News) With the partial suspension of U.S. government services showing no signs of ending, tourists will continue to be turned away from the Grand Canyon, despite a push by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and local businesses to reopen the state’s signature national park.

Brewer wants the iconic park reopened and has offered to pay for it with state money, but her proposal was rejected Thursday by a park official who said that as long as the federal government remains shut down, such a plan isn’t an option.

“I appreciate the support and I thanked them for the offer, but it’s not an offer we can accept,” said park superintendent Dave Uberuaga.

Private businesses have also offered to chip in to keep the park open. Denied

In other news, yes, Obama’s hysterics have actually closed the Grand Canyon. Seriously. The Grand Canyon. A massive hole in the ground 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and reaching a depth of over a mile. Closed. No hiking. Because, apparently, we need the Helping Hand of Government to understand how to hike

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5 Responses to “Arizona Gov’t, Businesses Fight To Re-open Grand Canyon”

  1. Jeffery says:

    So the Tea Party goal is to significantly reduce the size and role of government. Yet, when we cut spending Tea Partiers complain loudly about cut services, especially concerning White House tours and Federal monuments and parks. Are these vital functions of the Federal government that the Tea Party supports?

    You can’t have it both ways. You cannot simultaneously cut taxes on the wealthy and expand government services. Where do you think money comes from?

  2. gitarcarver says:

    The money comes from an expanded and growing economy which is what conservatives support and not an economy where government control limits growth and freedom.

    As to the parks, there are parks run by private companies that lease the federal land. These parks generate income for the government at no cost to taxpayers and yet they were shut down.

    That action is akin to a landlord kicking a tenant out because the landlord is taking a vacation.

    Only an idiot would support that.

  3. david7134 says:

    Your argument is without logic or basis in fact. It is typical of a liberal. The point is that if the government is not going to operate the hole in the ground, then get out of the way and let business do it better. Please explain why Obama will not compromise with the majority of America over the government seizure of 1/6 of the economy.

  4. Mollyzin says:

    The federal government has no business closing public parks and monuments. They shouldn’t even be involved.

  5. Ignore_My_Cold_Gumballs says:

    I say this should be the impetus for states to reclaim their lands seized by the feds. If a park crosses state lines, then it makes sense for the Feds to manage said park, IF and ONLY if the seperate states can not agree on a management plan.

    Granted, the DC parks would be Fed run, but I am hopeful that the stupidity of the feds shutting down open-air parks that everyone walks through every day, shows people how useless our fed govt has become.

    Jeffrey, I’m beginning to think you can’t be this stupid and you are just here to antagonize. The alternative, you being this really stupid, would be utterly frightening especially if you are of voting age.

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