John Kerry: I Take Lots Of Fossil Fueled Trips So I Know Climate Change Is Bad

Not sure if this is published elsewhere, but here’s our high flying Warmist of State

(Grist) Everywhere I travel as secretary of state –in every meeting, here at home and across the more than 100,000 miles I’ve traveled since I raised my hand and took the oath to serve in this office – I raise the concern of climate change. I do so not because it’s a pet issue or a personal priority, but because it’s critical to the survival of our civilization, and that means it’s a critical mission for me as our country’s top diplomat.

Hmm, that seems like quite a few fossil fueled miles. Perhaps John missed the poll showing that “climate change” comes in dead last?

As I said in Sweden in May, climate change is truly a life-and-death challenge for all of us.

Weather has always been dangerous, especially during cold periods and ice ages. Man has flourished best during warm periods.

When we last met with China’s leaders in California just a couple of weekends ago, after productive and candid dialogue, President Obama and President Xi were able to announce that the United States and China have agreed to work together and with others via the Montreal Protocol to phase down the production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), highly potent greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air-conditioners. This could eliminate nearly two years’ worth of current global greenhouse gas emissions between now and 2050.

He’s coming for your AC and fridge. Strangely he isn’t giving up his own massive carbon footprint.

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6 Responses to “John Kerry: I Take Lots Of Fossil Fueled Trips So I Know Climate Change Is Bad”

  1. john says:

    Teach he is NOT coming for your AC and fridge. And President Xi will make sure that new ones will be coming here. And the ad hominem attacks are usually when supporting facts turn weak. Like saying Gore is fat or rich or has a bigger house than you.

    • Thomas says:

      John, you better take John Kerry’s words to heart. The climate is out to get you. It is sneaking up on you as you read.
      Myself, I would love to see John Kerry restrain himself to use the same resources I use daily. Throw in Al Gore, the high priest of the Church of Global Warming, and I would be tickled.
      Get back to me when they are not just hot-air spewing hypocrites and can be taken seriously.

  2. No he isn’t coming for mine, he is coming for those in the non-1st world, making sure that people, mostly blacks and other “minorities ” aren’t able to take advantage of devices that would increase their lifestyle and health. Making Kerry, and you, racists. You’re great at telling other people that they can’t have the same modern lifestyle you do.

  3. john says:

    OMG !!! record heat in Anchorage?? Gee snow in New York State in May and now all time record temps in Anchorage, could this really be climate change? Or just weather anomalies? Although I don’t recall the snow in May as being called just atypical weather.

  4. scizzorbill says:

    AGW/Climate Change is all about power/control and money. The agenda will continue regardless of the science.

  5. Corrupted_Gumballs says:

    What record heat johnny?
    Yet, you claim heat and snow are both apocalyptic signs of man-caused global “climate change”? Are you really that inept?

    BTW, weren’t HFCs supposed to have been the earth-saving answer to our previously used CFCs?

    and china doing something about their pollution is about as likely as john waking up one day and saying something optimistic about America or even about its women.

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