Sad: Kelly Ayotte Goes Full GOP Squish On Immigration

She stood tough on the 2nd Amendment, but, is giving us the same complete pantload of mule fritters arguments we get from Rubio, McCain, Graham, and other squishes

Everybody agrees that America’s immigration system is broken, threatening our security and holding back our economy. The combination of porous borders and lax enforcement has made us a magnet for illegal immigration.

In her first two sentences she proves that it isn’t the system that is broken, but the government that is broken.

For too long, politicians on both sides of the aisle in Washington have failed to lead on this issue. And no doubt there will be naysayers in this debate who will continue to make excuses for inaction. But I ran for the Senate to make tough, independent decisions to strengthen our country, and that’s what it will take to solve our nation’s immigration problems.

So you enforce the current laws and strengthen them. Interestingly, when several states, including Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia, attempted to push tougher anti-illegal laws, Los Federales pushed hard to stop them.

We need to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, and we need to bring undocumented people out of the shadows to separate those seeking economic opportunity from those seeking to harm us (who must be deported). Here’s how this bill does that:

If they want economic opportunity, they can come here legally, rather than flouting our laws.

It starts by finally securing our southern border. Consistent with my priorities, the legislation includes more border agents, more fencing, and better surveillance technology. And during the upcoming debate, I will support strengthening the legislation’s border security measures even further.

The legislation also includes strict requirements for those illegal immigrants who are already here. Before any of these 11 million could earn a green card, they would go to the back of the line, not receive means-tested federal benefits and Obamacare subsidies, and they would be required to pay fines, pay taxes, and pass background checks, learn English, and secure a job. The minimum most immigrants would have to wait to earn a green card would be ten years – and 13 years for naturalization. And this timeline is dependent on first meeting border security and employment enforcement measures.

Does she really believe that any of that will happen? Democrats will gut/ignore all those provisions that get in the way of turning all these illegals, even the criminal ones, into new (Democrat) voters, and bringing roughly 17 million family members to the US, making them new (Democrat) voters, as well as paying lip service to not only border control, but the roughly 35-40 of illegals who blew off their visas.

Obviously, this thrills Progressives and pro-amnesty Republicans.

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4 Responses to “Sad: Kelly Ayotte Goes Full GOP Squish On Immigration”

  1. BS_Gumballs says:

    So much for principles, morals, and laws.

    Glad she’s leaving then. Good riddance. So much for voting for single issue candidates.

  2. HammerNH says:

    Being led around by the nose by Juan McLame and Lindsey GrAmnesty.
    Why do I need ANOTHER senator voting the same way as Chuck-you Shumer?
    Kelly, get ready for being primaried in 2015/16.

  3. xsnake says:

    I have a suspicion…..could Rubio and Ayotte be two of Ted Kennedy’s love children?

  4. BS_Gumballs says:

    If that were true, they would have started out at the center and then drifted far left. Instead they started out on the right and then JUMPED all the way over to the left.

    And the Repub party wonders why conservatives are disillusioned. We are tired of getting burned and lied to. We are tired of electing supposed Constitutional-loving conservative candidates that turn out, once they spend time in DC, to spit on the Constitution and are anything but conservative.

    You can’t even claim Rubio is a Fiscal Conservative seeing as how much money this Shamnesty Bill will spend and increase ObamaCare spending too boot.

    He can’t be that blind and idiotic, can he? Or, has he been bought out?

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