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Finished up Deep into Under Foot (Outside Context Problem) by Christopher Nuttall, a nice 489 page book, well worth the $3.00. Now about 32% into book 3, The Slightest Hope Of Victory (Outside Context Problem). Which, at 784kb, is probably around 500 page. I think it’s worth the $3.99.

What’s up next? Heck, that is probably about 4 days away.

Also, as I’ve mentioned for the past few weeks, I’ve also been slowly reading The Mad, Mad, Mad World Of Climatism. I’ll provide a write up once I finally finish, but, let me say that this should be the one book that every Warmist, and those on the fences, should read. Heck, even if you do not buy into “climate change”, you should read it. The facts and figures, along with the history, of “climate change” is put in an excellent format that anyone can easily understand. I should finish it this week, not that much left. You should buy it.

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2 Responses to “Watcha Reading?”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    It has been an interesting reading week here.

    I read “Happy Happy Happy” by Phil Robinson of “Duck Dynasty” fame. It was light reading and worth it to me. It delved more into the business and history of the business and also discussed other issues in life.

    “Inferno” by Dan Brown was also polished off.

    I am continuing to read “Guns of Independence” which is about the Battle of Yorktown.

    And due to the stellar review by our host, I picked up (can you “pick up an ebook?” The Mad Mad Mad Mad World of Climatism”

    Frankly, I think Teach has underrated it. Well written with facts and humor, it is a must read for anyone who cares about the planet and the topic.

    I locked onto me like a badger when the author quoted a female Senator in 2009 saying “I know global warming is real and we are contributing to it. I can feel it when I am flying.” (Rough quote from memory.)

    Once in awhile I will put the book down to get a drink or something and think “no wonder the people at Berkeley tried to burn this book. It is funny and factual. Neither are attributes that people at Berkeley deal with well.”

  2. Not sure how it looks in ebook format, but in the paper copy it is really cool, with little boxes on every page with quotes and stories from Warmists, some of which I remember, some of which are new, that just make me facepalm, eye roll, or guffaw.

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