Bill Maher: “Country Is Becoming A Police State”

Maher is typically a nasty, nasty, person. A serial misogynist (particularly to Conservative women). A typical unhinged liberal/progressive. Yet, even he seems to get that the government is out of control

(The Blaze) Bill Maher on Friday decried the massive show of force seen on Boston-area streets during last week’s manhunt for the remaining marathon bombing suspect, declaring that the U.S. is turning into a “police state.”

Speaking on his HBO show “Real Time,” Maher flashed images of police officers riding down the street in assault vehicles during the search.

“This country is becoming a police state and it is very troubling to me,” Maher said, later adding, “The British police don’t even carry guns, let alone have tanks.”

Well, gee, Bill, this is rather what your side of the political aisle is pushing for, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. What do you think the end result of progressiveism is, Bill? Fascism.

I do disagree with Bill on reading the bomber his Miranda warning. I know people have been talking about this “public safety exemption.” I’m having a tough time finding that in the Constitution/Bill of Rights.

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2 Responses to “Bill Maher: “Country Is Becoming A Police State””

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  2. Gum_Brains says:

    All signs are pointing to this end result. With the military conducting operations on our own soil in American cities, we’ve already lost our sovereignty. We’ve lost control of our gov’t – it now controls us. ~It now operates freely with military force with impunity within our cities.
    ~It is now trying to remove gun ownership
    ~It is now trying to destroy gun manufacturing
    ~It is trying to have UN\European rules enforced
    ~It is trying to block access to civilian purchases of ammo through mass ammo buys.

    When the Dept of Education needs assault shotguns and body armor, then we’ve lost control.
    When the Dept of Homeland Security needs hundreds of millions of rounds of hollow-point, then we’ve lost it.

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