Watcha Reading?

Nothing I mentioned last week was interesting enough to continue reading, so, I ended up heading off to the library to borrow The Twelve by Justin Cronin, his follow up to The Passage. It was one of those expensive E-books that I refused to pay for, and, quite frankly, I’m glad. While it has held my attention, certainly not worth $13.99 on Kindle (interestingly, it is less through Amazon in hardback). It’s kind confusing in the way the TV show Lost was, and it is a slow read. Especially since I’m not able to read on my Droid like usual. Some of the detail of what’s going on seems to be implied, so you’re left wondering. It’s also long, almost 600 pages. A bit over 2/3rds through it, and started on it on Monday. Whew!

Whatca got?

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    I’m not going to play your game

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