Leftist: Kids Belong To The State

Just another in a long line of things Progressives want to take away from people (via Doug Ross)

(Newsbusters) Narrating a new MSNBC “Lean Forward” spot, the Tulane professor laments that we in America “haven’t had a very collective notion that these are our children … [W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities,” Harris-Perry argued.

“Once it’s everybody’s responsibility and not just the households, then we start making better investments.” By “investments,” of course, Harris-Perry means things like spending “as much in public education as we should have.”

Of course, if as Harris-Perry holds,”[t]he cost to raise a child [is] $10,000 a year up to $20,000 a year,” and if children should be viewed as collectively “owned” by “society,” then taken to its logical extension, a woman’s choices about having a child should be informed by the economic considerations of the “community”

What’s more, the notion of collective responsibility for children was a philosophy that undergirded the Cultural Revolution in Communist China under Chairman Mao. I bring that up because, as you may recall, another Harris-Perry “Lean Forward” spot contains a reference to a “great leap forward,” which calls to mind the disastrous agricultural reform plan which starved millions of Chinese to death in the 1950s.

Doug writes that this “Melissa Harris-Perry articulates one of the more ironic and bizarre messages ever uttered by a woman of color.” I disagree: this is surely something that so many Lefties think. The only thing bizarre is that she would actually articulate it, because Progressives usually do not want their intentions known. Remember the whole Maxine Waters saying she wanted to nationalize the oil industry, and how she worked so hard to put that into non-fascistic words after she inadvertently gave the game away?

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3 Responses to “Leftist: Kids Belong To The State”

  1. gumball_brains says:

    And back around to Eugenics we go.
    They just can’t get passed the idea that it is wholly immoral. Oh, and illegal. And a tad bit unconstitutional.

  2. Let me get this straight: you think leftists have morals? They have The State.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Well, no, but they did tend to pretend they did prior to now.

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