Cost Of Energy From Heat Induced Cold Causing Tree Theft In Germany

Also, because the idiots in the Central Planning Office have enacted legislation relying on barely workable and really expensive alternatives (via Tom Nelson)

(Spiegel) With energy costs escalating, more Germans are turning to wood burning stoves for heat. That, though, has also led to a rise in tree theft in the country’s forests. Woodsmen have become more watchful.

With snow blanketing the ground, it’s the perfect time of year to snuggle up in front of a fireplace. That, though, makes German foresters nervous. When the mercury falls, the theft of wood in the country’s woodlands goes up as people turn to cheaper ways to heat their homes.

The problem has been compounded this winter by rising energy costs. The Germany’s Renters Association estimates the heating costs will go up 22 percent this winter alone. A side effect is an increasing number of people turning to wood-burning stoves for warmth. Germans bought 400,000 such stoves in 2011, the German magazine FOCUS reported this week. It marks the continuation of a trend: The number of Germans buying heating devices that burn wood and coal has grown steadily since 2005, according to consumer research company GfK Group.

It’s gotten so bad that some are actually putting GPS on their trees. This wouldn’t be happening if you would just give up your fossil fueled vehicle and your freedom.

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2 Responses to “Cost Of Energy From Heat Induced Cold Causing Tree Theft In Germany”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    This doesn’t make sense at all Teach. They’ve spent billions in building wind mills and solar farms. They’ve spent billions extra in subsidizing the per watt cost to the producers.

    I don’t see why, after all of that free money, that things just aren’t working out as theorized by the leading Socialists.

  2. john says:

    well Gummie they are working out. The increase in costs isn’t coming from renewables it is coming from the increase in fuel costs for the fossil fueled power plants. Wind power in Germany is cheaper than coal. This is one reason why utility companies in the USA are continuing to put more wind power plants on line than the total of fossil fueled plants. Utility companies know that commodity prices are only going UP.
    Japan just announced that it was going to build the world’s largest wind farm. Other countries see that economically renewable energy is cheaper.

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