Babs Boxer (D-Long Fossil Fueled Flights) To Form “Hotcoldwetdry Caucus”

Of course, The Hill doesn’t use my term, but the completely un-scientific phrase “climate change”, meant to denote that Mankind’s use of fossil fuels, such as lots of long fossil fueled flights from the People’s Republic of Brokeifornia to D.C., causes all weather events. And the Democratic Senator from the PRB (which is having a wee bit of problem with their carbon permits revenue) wants to spread awareness

(The Hill) Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she’s forming a “climate change caucus,” and argues that Hurricane Sandy “changed a lot of minds” on the topic.

The move signals that Democrats might again be ready to aggressively promote bills to curb greenhouse gas emissions, even as the political prospects for global warming legislation remain remote in Congress.

“I am going to form a climate change caucus, because people are coming up to me, they really want to get into this. I think Sandy changed a lot of minds,” Boxer told reporters in the Capitol.

So, will Boxer now start riding a bicycle to get from California to D.C.? I wonder if she would be willing to give up her McMansion and move into a tiny apartment to save the planet from overheating?

“It is going to work with all the committees and all the committee chairmen to make sure we can move forward legislation that reduces carbon pollution and also works on mitigation and all of the other elements,” she said.

Yes, that nasty pollution necessary for life on earth. Perhaps she could convince Harry Reid to turn the lights off in the Senate and heavily reduce the heating as we approach winter? Has she replaced all the bulbs in her office with CFLs? And turned down the thermostat?

“I think you are going to see a lot of bills on climate change,” Boxer told reporters. “I don’t know whether [they will include] cap-and-trade, but there will be a lot of different bills. I have already spoken to three colleagues that have bills in the works,” she said.

Go for it. I’m sure American’s would love to see even more legislation passed that would increase their cost of living in order to “prevent bad weather”, which never happened before the combustion engine /sic

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8 Responses to “Babs Boxer (D-Long Fossil Fueled Flights) To Form “Hotcoldwetdry Caucus””

  1. Trish says:

    They could call it the “Hot Air” caucus…the “Lame Brain” caucus…the Destroy American Businesses With Cap & Trade” caucus…the “Unicorns Are Real” caucus…the “Stick it up America’s Butt” caucus.
    The names are endless. So is the stupidity coming out of the mouths Democrats who are in love with Global Warming. And they believe truly that they have some sort of mandate after the election (as they felt 4 years ago) to RAM SHIT DOWN OUR THROATS. But they do NOT, and someone better tell them that.

  2. john says:

    Trish it is no longer just the Dems who are concerned about climate change. the US Navy thinks that the climate change is happening and is making plans now for the Arctic Ice to be gone in the summer. They used to hide their missle subs under that ice, but know that will no longer be possible. Israel also is leading because they too know how serious it is.

  3. Trish says:

    Knock it off John, the Navy mostly have to placate the aholes in office who fund them.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    move forward legislation that reduces carbon pollution

    So.. we are now focusing on the harm of carbon in our ecosystem? Guess that means EVERYTHING is now pollution and must be destroyed.

    Wondering if they’ll use solar energy or water power to destroy the carbon-based earth and its carbon-based inhabitants and parasites.

    Will we destroy the carbon-based moon first? Guess we’ll have to.

    Am wondering they plan to implement their plans to fix carbon in the earth when earth creates its own carbon as well as many other much nastier elements.

  5. That navy talking point is Johns lifeline, Trish, which allows him to avoid the unpleasant notion that he and most Warmists fail to live the life

  6. Trish says:

    I know. Trolls need a reason to live. But I am glad that he’s so concerned about hiding our missile subs. Maybe they can park in his garage?

  7. You’d think he would want to do away with them, since they aren’t exactly “green”

  8. Gumball_Brains says:

    Nah Teach. A Socialist is in the House now. So, war is good, war is fun, and assassinations are proper. Oh, and gitmo is just peachy!!!

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