Think Progress: “Know What’s Really Behind The War On Christmas? Hotcoldwetdry”

It’s that time of the year when Warmists start trotting out their stories linking Christmas and globull warming. Perhaps George Soros funded Think Progress should ask the Obama’s, who have 54 Christmas trees

Global Warming Is Behind The Real War On Christmas

It’s that time of year when Fox News and other conservative media outlets revive their imaginary “War on Christmas.” But the actual threat to one Christmas tradition comes from something more insidious than Fox’s perceived attacks: Extreme drought, fueled by climate change, has hit the Christmas tree market.

2012′s relentless drought will likely last through the rest of the winter, at least in the midwest, as areas under severe drought expanded in November. Right now, 63 percent of the lower 48 states are experiencing drought conditions: (snip)

One study after another shows that the U.S. will only face increasingly severe, frequent droughts, with global warming as the culprit.

I’ll give Rebecca Leber some props for using the phrase “global warming” a few times, though she used climate change a bit, as well. What she forgot to do was provide definitive proof that Mankind’s actions are behind the rise in temperatures that occurred since the end of the Little Ice Age, particularly since the 1930’s were warmer than today, and the drought was considerably worse. The previous warm periods were likewise warmer. There has been no increase in global temperatures in 16 years, despite rising CO2 levels. This has all been a primarily natural swing in temperatures, with much of the apparent increase being due to land use and the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Furthermore, AGW believers always fail to tell us what changes they’ve introduced into their own lives to reduce their own “carbon footprint.” I’ll believe it’s a crisis when they act like it’s a crisis. They should all run out and get rid of their minivans and big SUVs and purchase Chevy Volt’s, for starters.

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3 Responses to “Think Progress: “Know What’s Really Behind The War On Christmas? Hotcoldwetdry””

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    They should all run out and get rid of their minivans and big SUVs and purchase Chevy Volt’s, for starters.

    You evil capitalist. how dare you make them part of the capitalistic system where the evil petroleum and mining companies enrich themselves off of the backs of poor chinese child labor!!!

    If you really and truly and really cared about the environment, then you’d be pushing the really truly caring folks to get rid of their Excursions and Mercedes SUV’s for bicycles. Or walk. or ride the electric buses. or move right next door to where their job is.

    But, to claim that their only way to inner piece is through the use of the very same evil capitalistic system they say they despise? Teach. Shame. After seeing all the effort and rewards that silly troll john has done and gone through to rid himself of oil based products, you have the audacity to push these people BACK in?

    Teach, that’s like giving a crack addict a now legally dispensed medically necessary marijuana joint.


  2. Wait, wait, bicycles require petroleum for lubrication and the rubber tires. The should just walk. Barefoot. Because sneakers are made with petroleum, and leather soles come from evil cows

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    yeah, well, I was allowing them some form of face-saving “out”.

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