Obameconomy: Layoffs And Closings Continue

Let’s be clear: not every layoff, bankruptcy, and closing can be laid at the feet of Obama, his policies, and those of Democrats. These happen even in times when the economy doesn’t suck. But, you can polish a turd, it’s still a turd, and this economy is a turd (via Daily Jobs Cuts)

Let’s look at that link for American Coal

A local coal mine is cutting jobs and blaming it on politics. American Coal in Galatia laid off 54 miners on Wednesday, saying President Barack Obama’s re-election is bad news for the coal industry.

Back during the Bush years, when the economy was roaring, unemployment was below 6%, and GDP was great, Liberals focused on the stock market and every single tiny change. Why can’t we focus on the miserable conditions in the jobs market? We can look at things like the unemployment rate and job creation, but those are general over-views which fail to focus on actual pain caused by Obama and his fecklessness, irresponsibility, demonization, and incompetence.

Big Closings:

There are also small business closings. They may only be small numbers, but, the employees are real people.

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5 Responses to “Obameconomy: Layoffs And Closings Continue”

  1. john says:

    Teach you seem to have forgotten that both the housing market and the stock market CRASHED during Bush. The Dow went from 14000 to 6500 before the stimulus was passed. Since the stimulus it has doubled under Obama. Corporations are posting record profits, and labor has taken the hit. But of course as a CAPITALIST labo and jobs are not as important as profits and shareholder value. If labor was stronger than there would be more jobs and at higher wages

  2. plainslow says:

    Seems like a lot of companies ripe for takeover by Bain Capital to me.

  3. If they were making record profits, they wouldn’t be laying people off and closing. That’s because you, John, as a good little sheeple Progressive, fail to understand the difference between gross profit and net profit.

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