Are You Ready For A Flood Of ObamaCare Regulations Post-Election?

You’ve probably heard about the massive number of jobs and energy killing regulations planned by Obama’s EPA to hit after the election. What about with Obamacare?

(Politico) The bottled-up rules to set up President Barack Obama’s health care reform law are going to start flowing quickly right after Election Day.

But how long will that last? That depends on who wins the presidency.

The once-steady stream of regulations and rules from the Obama administration — instructions for insurance companies, hospitals and states on how to put the law in place — has slowed to a trickle in recent months in an attempt to avoid controversies before the election. Many states, too, have done little public work to avoid making the law an election issue for state officials on the ballot.

But work has been going on behind the scenes — both in the Department of Health and Human Services and at the state level. As soon as Wednesday, the gears and levers of government bureaucracy are likely to start moving at full speed again.

Surprise! These regulations were obviously held until the election was over in an attempt to protect Barack H. Obama from backlash over his own “signature accomplishment”. Meanwhile, there is a big deadline of November 16th looming for states to tell the Central Planning Office about what their Exchanges will look like, virtually impossible without the regulations.

One of the most important regulations not yet issued is the potentially controversial one to specify what health insurance policies must cover. And final rules have not been issued on other significant pieces of the law, such as those governing the health insurance exchanges, the individual mandate and how to define “full-time” and “part-time” employees in regard to employer penalties.

HHS, imbued with entirely too much power by the law…despite being a massive law, over 2000 pages, it failed to specify very much, mostly using phraseology leaving the details in the hands of the director of HHS (this works both ways: if Romney wins, his head of HHS can nullify those regs)…..has had years to get these regs finalized and defined, yet, are waiting till after the election. Essentially, people are going to the ballot box without all the information they need to make an informed decision.

The administration also hasn’t finalized rules on how certain religious employers — such as a Roman Catholic charity that insures itself — could avoid requirements that they provide insurance coverage of contraceptives.

Oh, hey, wait, I thought Obama and his little TV and Internet drones said that this was dealt with? No? There are still rules to come? Does anyone want to bet that when all is said and done, Obama’s HHS deems that there is no waiver in violation of the 1st Amendment?

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7 Responses to “Are You Ready For A Flood Of ObamaCare Regulations Post-Election?”

  1. John Ryanw says:

    Energy killing? We are at a 10+ year high for petro production

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Dear TrollJohn Ryanw,

    Repeat after me…. petroleum and coal are not the same. By any unit of measure, coal has more BTU’s than petroleum products. Per BTU, coal is cheaper than petroleum.

    Once again, coal is not petroleum and petroleum is not coal.

    But let’s get down to your silly assertion that these regulations would not be an energy killer.

    According to the government’s US Energy Administration, there are 1,396 coal fired generators having the nameplate capacity (rated energy output) of 342,296 megawatts. In the summer, those generators produce 316,800 megawatts. In the winter, 319,186 megawatts.

    That is 30% of the energy produced in the country. (30% that would go away if the regs are passed.)

    Contrast that with petroleum, there are 3,779 petroleum fired generators producing able to produce a max rate of 62,504 megawatts. In the summer, these generator produced 55,647 megawatts and in the winter 59,577 megawatts of power.

    Petroleum fired generators produce 5.5% of power in the country.

    There is enough coal in the US alone to power the country for over 200 years.

    So let’s put all these facts together, shall we? (And I know that I am not doing this for you because you won’t either read or respond to it. I am doing it for people who don’t live under bridges.)

    To produce one fifth of the power generated by coal requires 2.7 times the number of petroleum generators than coal generators.

    Even assuming we have or could procure the petroleum to have petroleum fired generators take up the slack if coal goes away, it would take 18,895 generators to make up the difference. That is more generators than all electrical generating systems total in the US now.

    These regulations are energy killers. They will drive up the cost of everything that takes electricity to produce. Home electric bills will skyrocket as well.

    Normal, thinking adults can see this.

  3. Well said, GC. And the funny part would be that libs like John will throw hissy fits when their power bills spike and rolling brownouts and blackouts occur. Just look at how much they aren’t enjoying the unplanned Earth Hours in NJ and NY.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    GC, who are you talking to? It is obvious there is nothing on the other side that can comprehend what you are saying. If the other person has yet to learn how to read after all these years, I doubt his blindness to nothing but Socialist Rhetoric will change now.

    Meanwhile, there is a big deadline of November 16th looming for states to tell the Central Planning Office about what their Exchanges will look like

    States should tell the central planners to go shove the stick. Especially if Romney wins. Why spend the time and money for something that is antithetical to America and a detriment to their state’s citizens? If you are so poor that you can’t afford to pay for medical care, there is state and federal welfare already. Why do we need another layer forced upon us?

    It will take the feds several years to iron out all the issues and lawsuits. By then, everything will have changed.

    And yeah.. waivers are toast come next year should Obama win. Also, any pretext of religious protections. Does anyone think this administration is pro-religion after all these years? (well, ok. he’s pro islam)

  5. conrad carter says:

    Barry Odinga is toast tomorrow. He and those three women he lives with can pay for their own vacation next time. What we have to worry about now is a petulent, vapid, hate filled President Unelect who will be pardoning a plenty and issuing Executive Orders unrestrained. He is unstable and dangerous now, the quicker we send him packing the better for all concerned.
    He’ll need to have another book written for him though and title it “How I got away with it”. LOL. He’s history, thank goodness. Our nightmare is over.

  6. Nate says:

    I was wondering how Obo was going to whiz in the punchbowl after the election…

    Now I know.

    Guess the ‘October Surprise’ was just postponed until November.

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