Elon U. Student Government Votes Chick-fil-a Off Campus

The latest in “liberal tolerance”

(Fox News) A North Carolina university’s student government has voted to ban a Chick-fil-a restaurant on campus because the fast-food chain’s president is against gay marriage.

Elon University’s Student Government Association voted 35-11 to ask its food vendor to find another restaurant to take its place, the Daily Advance reports.

Now, the decision goes to the Student Government Association’s executive president, Darien Flowers, who can accept the vote or veto it.

Liberals talk a good game about tolerating all viewpoints, but, in practice, they are about as tolerant as Hitler.

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One Response to “Elon U. Student Government Votes Chick-fil-a Off Campus”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    yeah, they definitely are all talk.

    I wonder if they still allow the Muslim clubs in? Do they still have a Muslim wash station on campus? Are the muslim “prayer” areas still refusing to be coed?

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