State Department States There Was No Protest Prior To Benghazi Terrorist Attack

So, after 5+ days of blabbering on about this being part of a “spontaneous protest” over some video critical of Mohammed that no one had seen or known about, followed by weeks of “whoops, our bad, it’s actually X”, we now learn

(Foreign Policy) Prior to the attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi late in the evening on Sept. 11, there was no protest outside the compound, a senior State Department official confirmed today, contradicting initial administration statements suggesting that the attack was an opportunistic reaction to unrest caused by an anti-Islam video.

In a conference call with reporters Tuesday, two senior State Department officials gave a detailed accounting of the events that lead to the death of Amb. Chris Stevens and three other Americans. The officials said that prior to the massive attack on the Benghazi compound by dozens of militants carrying heavy weaponry, there was no unrest outside the walls of the compound and no protest that anyone inside the compound was aware of.

In fact, Stevens hosted a series of meetings on the compound throughout the day, ending with a meeting with a Turkish diplomat that began at 7:30 in the evening, and all was quiet in the area.

Many have referred to what’s going on as a “cover up”. Others have said “how can it be a cover up when they slowly release information?” This is a classic case of spoon-feeding the info a tiny dose at a time in order to minimize the impact of what actually happened, which is a political way of covering something up.

Essentially, the Obama administration lied from the get go as to what was going on, possibly to cover up their negligence and horrible conduct.

So, now we can add this to the timeline of what has gone on, as well learning that the State Department denied more security personnel, pulled security personnel out despite being told that Benghazi was, you know, a seriously dangerous place for Westerners, and the security personnel were told to stop freaking asking for help.

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