Bummer: Nickelodeon Upset That Romney Declined To Appear With People Who Can’t Vote

Perhaps Nick’ should be a bit more concerned with a President who decided to campaign the day after our Libyan consulate was attacked and the ambassador was killed, as well as a president who blows off world leaders, including the Israeli P.M., in order to go on The View and be eye candy

(Mediaite) Nickelodeon’s news outfit Nick News is reportedly “disappointed” that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has declined to appear in the channel’s “Kids Pick the President” election special, which airs several weeks before the election.

“After numerous attempts by ‘Nick News’ to get former Governor Mitt Romney to participate in the special, his camp declined saying he was unable to fit it into his schedule,” Nickelodeon said in a press statement.

Last time I checked, “kids” can’t vote.

President Barack Obama will appear, however, having pre-taped his answers to kids’ questions at the White House. As a stand-in for official Romney responses to the kids’ queries, the channel will use archive video clips of the GOP candidate answering similar questions.

So, the president is going to mail it in as usual, and isn’t really “appearing”, either.

“By answering kids’ questions directly, candidates show respect for kids,” added host Linda Ellerbee in the statement. “We are disappointed that Mitt Romney wouldn’t take the time to answer the questions, but are thrilled that President Obama participated in the special.”

I hope the kids have lots of time on their hands to list to the long, rambling, non-sensical answers from Obama. I wonder if any of them asked what was going through PBO’s mind when he decided to pass the Stimulus, mortgaging the kiddies future, not to mention adding over $5 trillion dollars to the deficit in under 4 years, presiding over a period of terrible economic times where the earning power of mom and dad has been stifled, and cost of living is far outpacing earnings.

But, then, kids have more open minds and are less indoctrinated than the average Obama voter.

Crossed at Right Wing News and Stop The ACLU.

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3 Responses to “Bummer: Nickelodeon Upset That Romney Declined To Appear With People Who Can’t Vote”

  1. golfmax13 says:

    Is that the same Nickelodeon who stands behind their employee Jason Biggs? You know, the guy who said such vile things about Mitt Romney’s wife? I don’t think I would’ve shown up either.

  2. Trish says:

    Mitt doesn’t expect the kiddies to vote for him, like the Obama admin does. TObama et al figure if the voter ID laws are not in place yet, he can get their votes. If there were a show with dead people on it, he’d go there too. He’s already campaigned to Mickey and Minnie when he visited the View.
    Nah, stay classy Mitt and no pandering necessary!

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Some real questions from real kids (not on Nick)

    1) Mr President, why have you spent $6 Trillion of our future incomes to help your friends and your friend’s companies, yet have done nothing about the state of education?

    2) Mr President, how does heavily subsidizing battery and solar panel companies owned by foreign companies help put people back to work in America?

    3) Mr President, how does giving billions to unions, your friends, your donors, to foreign companies, help my mom and dad get their jobs back?

    4) Mr President, can you tell me how allowing more illegals to cross our border makes me feel safe at night?

    5) Mr President, how is it constitutional for illegals to get preferential treatment in schools?

    6) Mr President, is our country going to end up like Greece and other countries in the EU who are spending more than it takes in?

    7) Mr President, how can you promise to cut the deficit when you increased it over $6 Trillion in just 4 years while still increasing the budget year over year?

    8) Mr President, can you please tell my mom that my over-charging on her credit card actually leads to more jobs and a better quality of life for us?

    9) Mr President, can you please tell my dad that mowing HIS lawn is beneath my pay grade, and that I should at least get a “living income” for it?

    10) Mr President, if I don’t watch Sesame Street any longer, why do I have to keep paying for it? I pay for cable to watch Nickelodeon, but I don’t watch Big Bird. So, why should I have to pay for something I don’t want?

    11) Mr President, if you didn’t get to the Presidency on your own, then how come you are still the only one getting the salary? Shouldn’t you be spreading your wealth around? To be fair?

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