New Romney Ad Highlights Disappointment In Obama

Oh, and Hitler found out that Obama lost the election, via Zilla.

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3 Responses to “New Romney Ad Highlights Disappointment In Obama”

  1. Zilla says:

    Thank you, William!
    It’s finally becoming socially acceptable among people outside of the Dextrosphere to note that the emperor is not only naked, but also apparently retarded. Glenn Reynolds’ “Preference Cascade” is finally happening in America just as it did in fallen commie regimes around the world. I see it in the grocery store all the time; people used to whisper if they had anything other than praise for Obama and they’d be looking over their shoulders to see that nobody over-heard, but not anymore, regular folk in my little town openly and loudly talk about what a loser Obama is and how badly he’s effed everything up – especially as they are digging deep to pay for their outrageous food bills which have basically tripled in the past few years.

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