Bummer: Electric Cars Bad For Environment

The article does pose the position that electric cars are better in the long run, but, of course, there is no data yet to support that position

(BBC) Electric cars might pollute much more than petrol or diesel-powered cars, according to new research.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology study found greenhouse gas emissions rose dramatically if coal was used to produce the electricity.

Electric car factories also emitted more toxic waste than conventional car factories, their report in the Journal of Industrial Ecology said.

Hmm, that sounds bad

“The production phase of electric vehicles proved substantially more environmentally intensive,” the report said, comparing it to how petrol and diesel cars are made.

“The global warming potential from electric vehicle production is about twice that of conventional vehicles.”

In addition, producing batteries and electric motors requires a lot of toxic minerals such as nickel, copper and aluminium.

Hence, the acidification impact is much greater than that of conventional car production.

“Across the other impacts considered in the analysis including potential for effects related to acid rain, airborne particulate matter, smog, human toxicity, ecosystem toxicity and depletion of fossil fuel and mineral resources, electric vehicles consistently perform worse or on par with modern internal combustion engine vehicles, despite virtually zero direct emissions during operation,” according to Prof Stromman.

So, they pretty much suck.

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10 Responses to “Bummer: Electric Cars Bad For Environment”

  1. john says:

    Fortunately coal is on the way out, using coal was OK during Victorian days but we have moved on.

  2. john says:

    Norway gets 98% of its generated electricity from a renewable and clean source, hydroelectric. SweeeeeeT

    • get2djnow says:

      Dear John,

      New dams are virtually outlawed in the US. They destroy habitats & are environmental disasters in their right. Clean coal will be around longer than you will, despite you and The Obama. Sweeeeeet.

      All the best,

  3. get2djnow says:

    This was fun to read. I brought this to the attention of a well-known blogger, but he’s all for these electric stinkers, though not to the extent The Obama is. The internal combustion engine will always be more efficient than their all-electric alternatives. Sorry, don’t blame me, blame physics.

  4. Louise Helshaw says:

    Electric cars are awesome! I managed to build my own (well actually it was my dad) and it’s great. I save so much money it’s unbelievable. This site – http://green-energy-at-home.com/wp/build-your-own-electric-car tells you how to do it.

  5. I think that percentage is inflated, John, but that is great. Too bad so many enviroweenies are doing all they can to block hydroelectric, as well as dismantle current plants.

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  7. Gumball_Brains says:

    yeah, hydroelectric is evil and not renewable. It kills fish, destroys ecosystems, changes river temperatures, impounds toxins, allows greater petroleum-fueled traffic, etc.

    That’s the argument. I’m actually for hydroelectric power. It provides for cheap and continuous power for little expense. Yet, many power companies love to charge extra for it, for some reason.

    The answer is nuclear. The answer to fossil fueled vehicles and air pollution is nuclear powered vehicles. Can you imagine driving from coast to coast without fueling up? Can you imagine driving for life of car without charging or fueling up?

    The problem with e-cars, is that they are heavy, low powered, very expensive, and the toxins are deadly, and batteries die.

    Right now, in the mean time, CNG and LNG are a good switch-over fuel.

  8. Personally, I’d prefer enforced servitude using guilty white liberals who would peddle bikes nonstop to provide clean power.

    • get2djnow says:

      Love your idea. Can we start w/ AlGore, he carrying quite a bit of potential energy these days? (Speaking of playing on peoples fears!)

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