LOL: Think Progress Believes Supporting “Climate Change” Is A Winning Issue

Funny stuff

If Obama Wants To Be Re-Elected, He Needs To Break His Climate Silence

The candidate who speaks out on climate change will reap the political rewards of brave and forthright leadership.

The candidate who speaks out will lose the election because no one wants to see their taxes increased, their cost of living increased, and their freedom reduced. Do it, Obama, speak out on the climate change hoax as you take non-stop fossil fueled flights.

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2 Responses to “LOL: Think Progress Believes Supporting “Climate Change” Is A Winning Issue”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    It’s ok. Traitor Communist Obama will just lie about it. He’ll claim that its the 1% that is causing all the problems, will only tax them, and thus the waters of the oceans will AGAIN start to fall and the air will begin to heal.

    If only the Repubs will stop blocking his budget….

  2. I love when the GOP forces the Dems to vote on Obama’s budgets, and the Dems are always pissed off having to do that.

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