Good Grief: Warmist Thinking About Snow Tires Due To “Climate Change”

When it comes to Warmist World, I often think I’m reading The Onion, Broken Newz, or some other satire website. Alas, Warmists are serious (via Tom Nelson)

Global warming makes me buy “snow tires”

I’m not kidding, despite the title of this blog post. This year I really am strongly leaning toward getting snow tires for my 2011 Mini Cooper S, and part of the reason is global warming.

Yes, the world is getting warmer. But this doesn’t mean that winter weather everywhere is going to be milder. Actually, it’s going to be weirder.

Hotcoldwetdry raises its head yet again. Sigh.

I will give said Warmist a little credit for own a Highlander Hybrid, though. On the other hand, there is no empirical evidence that warming causes more extreme weather, or “weirding”, as the Warmists call it.

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One Response to “Good Grief: Warmist Thinking About Snow Tires Due To “Climate Change””

  1. Orson Snow says:

    I’m willing to bet that the entire purpose of the post on that blog was to let everyone know that the author has a 2011 Mini Cooper S. That’s a sign of prestige in the Warmist World…and now all of the fellow warmists know (which was the purpose).

    South Park: “GOOD FOR YOUUUUUUU.”

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