Science! Arctic Summer Ice Could Disappear In 4 Years

Here we go, another alarmist prognostication

(SMH) One of the world’s leading ice experts has predicted the final collapse of Arctic sea ice in summer months within four years.

In what he calls a “global disaster” now unfolding in northern latitudes as the sea area that freezes and melts each year shrinks to its lowest extent ever recorded, Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University has called for “urgent” consideration of new ideas to reduce global temperatures.

This “urgent” prognostication is repeated all around the media and Warmist sites. But, um, wait, what’s this?

Arctic ice cap will disappear in 20 years, say scientists

That was a prediction from 5 years ago.

Arctic sea ice could disappear within 10 years as global warming increases speed of melting

That was a prediction from August 12th, 2012.

There was the prediction that sea ice would be gone (most of the prognostications are referring to summer sea ice) by 2012. Here’s one for 2015, made in 2011. There was the one made for 2000. 2008. 2010. You have Al Gore making the prediction that the Arctic sea ice would be gone within 5 years, starting with a prediction in 2007, 2008, then 2009. Hey, if you throw out enough predictions, one is sure to come true. I predict that the Giants will beat the Panthers anywhere from 1 to 30 points Thursday night.

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3 Responses to “Science! Arctic Summer Ice Could Disappear In 4 Years”

  1. Militant Catholic says:

    Remember thirty five years ago when there would be nothing but ice covering the planet? Looks like they were wrong about that one, too.

  2. Yup. And you had Paul Earlicht with his “population bomb” crap.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Oh come on people. Don’t you know that the Peak Oil problem caused the Oncoming Ice Age to reverse course to the Catastrophic Global Warming that is now causing Ice Free Poles.

    And I blame Teach and his PB&Js. And I bet he is so callous as to use Crunchy as well.

    I have always wondered, why the AVERAGE of arctic polar ice levels, based on a number of years of data, stops at 2006. The year BEFORE one of our lowest levels. You add in 2007 and all the recent years are within that average.

    Anthony Watts has a countdown to the much-hyped prognostication of an ice-free summer. I think we are down to days now. tick.. tick.. tick. (that’s a clock by the way, not in no way tied to a bomb so no violent rhetoric here)*(and by saying bomb I am in no way suggesting a real or imagined explosive device)*(and by explosive device I am in no way suggesting a violent action)

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