Cheapskates At DNC Refuse To Reimburse Town For Obama Visit

This is becoming a pattern. It’s happened many, many times. I find it rather interesting that the DNC doesn’t care that much about the fiscal soundness of the towns Obama visits and are unwilling to spread their own wealth around

(Fox News) The Democratic National Committee has informed a Connecticut town it will not be reimbursed for the thousands of dollars the city spent on costs for President Obama’s fundraising visit earlier this month.

Gordon Joseloff, the first selectman of Westport, says he was informed this week the town’s request to have the DNC and Obama for America cover the $14,812 the city paid in police and fire overtime was denied.

The president traveled to Sherwood Island State Park on Aug. 6 to attend a fundraiser in Stamford and a $35,800 per person dinner at the Westport home of movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

Obama raised about $2 million during that fundraiser, one in which he breezed in and breezed out without bothering to really visit the town itself. But, then, in Obama’s World, everyone else is here to serve him.

I’m sure liberals will argue that the money is no big deal, it’s not that much, but, if it was their own money, I’d bet their tune would change. I’m sure they’ll have no problem with the $495,000 in Stimulus money the Obama admin. wasted to push “green” jobs by advertising on a network which few watch and which created zero jobs.

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5 Responses to “Cheapskates At DNC Refuse To Reimburse Town For Obama Visit”

  1. john says:

    Westport CT is one of the very richest towns int he richest state in the USA

  2. Marybel says:

    The DNC treated Las Vegas even worse. Obama still owes them for stiffing the school district there from 2008!
    (will look for link)
    Romney, on the other hand, paid IN ADVANCE!!!

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    I find it laughable that towns are still willing to help him.

    Tell them to sign a memorandum of agreement beforehand. Any and all costs associated with the protection detail that is handled by the town, will be paid for by “party”.

    Make it a legal contract. If no signature, then don’t help them out with security.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    Obama still owes them for stiffing the school district there from 2008!

    The cited link says the bill has now been paid:

    In 2008, CCSD billed the Obama campaign $53,116.12 for the Bonanza and Coronado rallies. Obama for America originally paid $28,484.40 of the bill, but left $24,631.72 unpaid.

    That remainder was not paid until June 2012, following multiple Nevada Journal inquiries. The bill was for 500 hours of school police officer overtime, providing extra security for the rallies.

    Lest there be any confusion on my comment, I am not excusing the non payment. The fact it took 4 years to get it is inexcusable. It is wrong legally and morally.

    My point is simply to clear up the fact the bill has been paid.

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