New Era Of Civility: Democrat Spits On Romney Supporter

Using Democrat language, this is an indictment on the entire Democrat Party, showing that all Democrats are mean and filthy

(Post Crescent) A bus tour event on behalf of Mitt Romney turned ugly Friday afternoon when a protester interrupted a rally and spit in a supporter’s face.

The event featured Wisconsin state Sen. Alberta Darling and Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch.

During Darling’s remarks, the protester, Mary Hoglund, 83, of Appleton, interrupted the event to ask about Republican opposition to Planned Parenthood.

A local Romney supporter began arguing with Hoglund, who then spit in her face. Hoglund was escorted out, and received medical attention for a scratch she received on her neck.

Of course, the people being rude (certainly Obama supporters who want their free money) claim that others were being mean.

Right Scoop features video, and, based on that video, I wonder if this is the same Mary Hoglund (if not, my apologies, but, sure looks the same). For other activities we get

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Her wall shows dislike of the Boy Scouts because they do not allow gays, dislike of Scott Walker, wanting to impeach Justice Thomas, a big supporter of far left Wisconsin politician Tammy Baldwin, more hatred of Scott Walker.

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5 Responses to “New Era Of Civility: Democrat Spits On Romney Supporter”

  1. […] our friend William Teach over at the Pirate’s Cove, comes the story of one 83 year old Mary Hoglund who interrupted a private event for supporters of presidential […]

  2. john says:

    Teach are you trying to show that she deserved to be spit on ?

  3. gitarcarver says:

    Teach are you trying to show that she deserved to be spit on

    Are you that much of a moron? Are you really that stupid?

    The woman didn’t deserve to be spat upon. But it appears that since is was a person of your ilk that did the expectorating, you have no issue with it.

    Here’s the stupidity of this….

    1) Liberal antagonist / agitator / protestor goes uninvited to a private event on private property.
    2) She interrupts the meeting and won’t even let the speaker answer her.
    3) People around her ask her to be quiet and let the woman at the podium speak.
    4) Liberal antagonist / agitator / protestor ignores all rules of civility and continues to go on a personnel rant.
    5) Another woman tells the liberal antagonist / agitator / protestor to “zip it.”
    6) The liberal antagonist / agitator / protestor responds to that by spitting on the woman. (The rest of the country defines that as “assault.”)
    7) The liberal antagonist / agitator / protestor is unceremoniously escorted from the building, claiming she has the right to be on private property at a private function.
    8) Outside the building, she calls an ambulance and claims she was attacked.

    Of course, there is no evidence of this and the video certainly doesn’t support her accusation, but that is why the liberal antagonist / agitator / protestor and john have a kinship – the both deny reality.

  4. John, you do understand that the liberal Obama supporter spit on the Romney supporter, right?

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    Well, the article makes it sound the other way around.

    A local Romney supporter began arguing with Hoglund (the protestor), who then spit in her face.

    Although, once again, the use of pronouns does nothing but confuse the issue.

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