Nature: You Don’t Believe In Globull Warming Because Of Wharrharbl

Latest attempt to circle the wagons (via Tom N)

(Nature) Studying things from a psychological angle does help to make sense of climate-change scepticism. But the true source of the problem, research suggests, is not that people are irrational. Instead, it is that their reasoning powers have become disabled by a polluted science-communication environment.

Or, it could be that people aren’t that stupid, and know mule fritters when they see it.

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6 Responses to “Nature: You Don’t Believe In Globull Warming Because Of Wharrharbl”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    their reasoning powers have become disabled by a polluted science-communication environment.

    ummmmm… what’d he say?

    By piecing together bits of psychological research, many news reporters, opinion writers and bloggers have concluded that people are simply too irrational to recognize the implications of climate-change science.

    So, in other words, the most important intellectual people in the world. So, we should listen to them, right?

    people with different cultural values — individualists compared with egalitarians, for example — disagree sharply about how serious a threat climate change is. People with different values draw different inferences from the same evidence. Present them with a PhD scientist who is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, for example, and they will disagree on whether he really is an ‘expert’

    HAHAHAHAHHHHAHHAAAA… and yet they still dont get it. OMG. How many millions was spent on this stupid study that still does not recognize the reality of skeptics.

    According to this astounding research, we are to just blindly believe a PhD researcher because they have a PhD and may have published a few articles.


    The reason why we are skeptical is because those PhD “scientists” have been known to fudge data, use incorrect sampling, utilize improper analytical tools, misrepresent the data, leave out data, or hide everything they are doing. And when attempts are made to repeat their experiments or model runs, other scientists are unable to get same results.

    It isn’t science done by scientists until the data, the experiments, and the results hold up over time. until then, one IS IN FACT being scientific by being skeptical.

    Was not the first person who deigned to sail to the edge of the ocean being skeptical of the consensus view of the current culture?

  2. Exactly, GB. The first reason I changed from being a Warmist to being a Climate Realists was seeing that Warmists never practiced what they preached, and tended to be worse. The second was poor data and an unwillingness to show the raw data and their methodology. Also, that they would change the data from reality.

  3. john says:

    they “never” practiced what they preached ? ummm Teach maybe not “always” but certainly at least “sometimes” I mean Prius is going to be Toyota’s best all time selling model soon. And CFLs are now everywhere. And even the US Navy believes in global climate change as well as just about every national government except for Saudi Arabia and Iran.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    did anyone hear something? Sounded like bad science communication

  5. gitarcarver says:

    I mean Prius is going to be Toyota’s best all time selling model soon.

    Right. The car that Toyota says causes more harm to the environment to manufacture than the average car in its line. That’s the Prius. Most people buy the Prius for the gas mileage, not the environmental effect.

    And CFLs are now everywhere.

    Yep. And disposing of them requires a company to have a hazardous waste material license. Do you really think hazardous waste is good for the environment?

    And even the US Navy believes in global climate change

    No they don’t. They simply are prepared if there is change. Of course, we are talking about two types of “climate change.” The Navy, as do most people, believe the earth to be a active, ever changing system. People like you believe the earth is somehow a static system and humans alone are causing change.

    Keep throwing out those lies john. We all get a laugh from you.

  6. I’ve never understood why john thinks the Prius (a vehicle I happen to think highly of) will supplant either the Camry or Corolla as Toyota’s best seller of all time. The numbers aren’t even close. Hell, Toyota sells more Tundras and Tacomas every year than Prius’.

    Toyota sold more than double in camrys and corollas. Granted, Prius does well. I’m not site about Johns point, though: as you point out, GT, people by them for MPG not saving Gaia.

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