Watts Up With That? Highlights An Inconvenient Result On Hottest July Evah!

Of course, you had Warmist Seth Borenstein trotting out the story Ouch July in US was hottest ever in history books, as so many other Warmists did, immediately taking the Warmist propaganda from NOAA without bothering to actually doing any research. Alas, Anthony Watts did the actual journalism, and science, for them

(Watts Up With That) Using the old network, NOAA says the USA Average Temperature for July 2012 is: 77.6°F

Using the NOAA USCRN data, the USA Average Temperature for July 2012 is: 75.5°F

The difference between the old problematic network and new USCRN is 2.1°F cooler.

This puts July 2012, according to the best official climate monitoring network in the USA at 1.9°F below the  77.4°F July 1936 USA average temperature in the NOAA press release today, not a record by any measure.

Anthony also compares real data from the 1930’s to today. Steve Goddard also provides some very interesting data, highlighting that the 1930’s were hotter than today.

And one other thing to consider: even if it is a hot year, that doesn’t prove anthropogenic causation, just that it was…hot. Like happens. Like happened during previous warm periods, which were warmer.

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8 Responses to “Watts Up With That? Highlights An Inconvenient Result On Hottest July Evah!”

  1. john says:

    Teach the fact if 4 billion years ago the Earth was red hot magma. 98% of us know that teh Erath IS getting warmer. And that is going to efect billions of humans who now live here. The Polar Ice cap has shrunk by about 1/2 in the last 30 years and it looks like another record or near record year in 2012

  2. Gumball_Brains says:

    Hey john, which Polar ice cap? Please provide a link to the actual data that is over 30 years old. Bet you can’t do it. Data is ONLY about 30 years old. DUH. We didn’t have satellites measuring polar ice cap thickness. And, its only a guestimate anyway. The Artic may be at average, but the Antartic has more ice than average.

    But, there are some photos and stories from the 1800s that show the Artic ice coverage near nil. So, are we at average, above, or below when we have more ice coverage than in the 1800s?

    And, silly john, please explain how we are now hotter than when our planet was a ball of magma.

    Dude, just stop. Your sputterings are embarrassing humanity. Your incoherent musings are making the IQ of the planet drop significantly. You are tilting the Poisson Distribution past 4 SD to the left.

    And, your 98% remark is stupid. Utterly ignorant of reality. Do you not realize that life outside of where you live in your mom’s closet that many people dont have electricity? Do you know that most people do not have a tv, radio, or access to news beyond their tribal borders.

    Your illustrious self-ignorance is devastating to the human genome. Please do not replicate yours. Based upon your statements here, it is functionally mutated.

  3. Trish says:

    Go get ’em GB!! I couldn’t have said it better! Love that 98% number- it’s so, made up! Like a huge amount of the data that warmists use to prove their invalid point!

  4. Excellent points, GB!

    Furthermore, John was unable assign anthropogenic causality to the current warming.

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    The other thing, there are many, MANY causal factors out in the real world that affect temperature. Many are negative feedback types, others provide positive feedbacks. Many, we just don’t know about yet.

    Did you, john, know that the “Urban Heat Island” affect is still being debated amongst scientists? Yet, the common man knew about it decades earlier.

    Friends and I joke about the bubble-effect around our city limits. Seems very consistent that when a storm comes roiling to our area, the “bubble-effect” takes hold and the storm either diverges or just dissipates right before it gets to us. People in the city who are weather-bugs know this sort of thing happens. But it seems that many climate scientists still debate its existence.

    CO2 is only one minor component of our atmosphere and an even miniscule factor when compared to the global factors as a whole. When CO2 is only 0.03%, maybe 0.04%, then how much less is it compared to every other factor out there that affects the global temperature?

    Here is a graph of CO2 over time… its not really scare is it. Also, pretend you are a tree. Would you want more CO2 or less when your ability to create food depends solely upon the presence of CO2?

  6. Stix says:

    Wow what an incoherent BS comment by John.

    Half the Polar Ice cap has melted. WTF???

    Yes the Earth has been getting warmer since the last Ice age, hence I live in IL where there is no ice.

    Record Year. Since when? 1970s or 1940s? Hell we do not have records from hundreds of years ago in America let alone thousands.

    The only thing constant in the climate is that it changes.

    But we must catch Manbearpig I am serial

  7. Earl says:

    To me it is obvious that they want it to be high. If you watch the News on NBC4 you see near hysteria over the heat in L.A. area. August & July often has the hottest weather and records are set every year. Usually, the records are for days and you know they’re talking about a day.
    On the news I herd during the Olympics it sound like the whole month of August was a record(and it isn’t even over yet).

  8. Gumball_Brains says:

    heh.. and yet, London for most of summer was cloudy, rainy and miserably cool.

    Is it “possible” that the heat dome that was over the US in July, went to London in August? Not surprising at all if it happened. Must be weather, huh?

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