Surprise! The Only Solution To “Climate Change” Is Socialism

How many years have Climate Realists, including myself, told people that the actual basis of the “climate change” (hoax) movement is to push for more government control (and putting lots of money in the pockets of climate researchers, but that’s a different post), and has little to do with actually stopping any sort of increase in temperature? Via Tom Nelson comes this article

(Liberation, the paper of Socialists) The central lesson of ecology is that everything is connected to everything else, meaning that human activities interact with nature in sometimes problematic ways. Thus, evidence accumulating this summer of powerful and accelerating changes in the global climate offers a warning that capitalism’s insatiable appetite for profits is pushing the global climate system toward runaway global warming.

The only viable choice in responding to the ecological crisis of capitalism is socialism. Continuing the effort to reform capitalism is a dead end, as Rio+20 has unequivocally demonstrated. Abandoning modern society also is not a choice, as that would mean abandoning the very tools we need to limit the impact of the crisis and adapt to a changing climate.

What is Socialism? It is one of three Democratic political models, along with Liberalism and Conservatism (American Conservatism is actually based on Liberalism, often referred to as neo-Conservatism, while Conservatives in Europe are true Conservatives). There are three cores to the Democratic model, the Moral, the Economic, and the Political. With Socialism we find

  • Moral core: government should stay the hell out of people’s private lives
  • Political: free and open elections
  • Economic: the government is heavily involved in the means of production within the private sector, and will actually own many companies itself

Obviously, today’s socialism is very involved in people’s private lives (think Nanny State regulations and laws), and Lefties love “Direct Democracy”, except when they lose. Then they sue to overturn. What they really like is heavy government involvement in the economy, controlling everything. And, somehow, putting the government heavily in charge will save the planet from over-heating, without destroying the economy.

Socialism would mean: developing our human resources through free and quality public education; strengthening workers’ organizations so that they can become partners in ecological recovery; reconstructing our health care system so that it can address the emerging public health issues that are coming out of the ecological crisis; promoting international cooperation, rather than militarization and war, which is necessary to reducing the human impact on the environment; and most importantly, including and respecting all members of our global community as brothers and sisters in this struggle.

It’s not really socialism per the political theory definition, but more a blend of socialism and fascism. Which worked so well in the Soviet Union and today’s mainland China, eh?

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3 Responses to “Surprise! The Only Solution To “Climate Change” Is Socialism”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    profits is pushing the global climate system toward runaway global warming.

    The only viable choice in responding to the ecological crisis of capitalism is socialism.

    I have yet to hear a real reason why profit causes global warming? How does Capitalism, the free flow of goods and ideas through market forces and personal agreements, harm the climate leading to runaway warming?

    I’m sorry, but if anything, it would be a wash, with some actions creating a local cooling effect while other actions would create a local warming effect. A couple good volcanic eruptions and everything is for naught.

    Also, I do not recall that the USSR had much of a Democratic government? Did the people really vote for their rulers? Did they even vote for their local rulers?

    If so, I am sure that the people who were starved to death or were forced in to Gulags had their votes stolen.

    Hey, while we are dreaming this Socialist Utopia Dream, can we also all have 2 vehicles? I want one being either a Jaguar or a Lamborghini. While the second has to be a Hummer1. I am sure that everyone will appreciate getting these from the government. Oh, and where’s my house with a 3 car garage (have to have another for the government supplied boat). Let’s see, bills and utilities provided, of course. Free on demand fireplace (don’t care if gas or log). I also only want 50 cars on the road at any one time when I am on the road to and from work. This is for the entirety of the distance from home to work, mind you. Granted, this would only affect 50 other drivers, but we could all work from our government-provided homes on our government provide computers over the government provided internet.

    After all, nothing in this world comes about without government.

  2. Granted, there are, and have been, people engaged in some sort of capitalism who are bad for real environmental issues, like….Solyndra, which left a big environmental mess.

    But, for the most part, most companies started to care more about the environment, which is good. Now, instead of putting money into being environmentally friendly they have to put money into globull warming BS.

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    But that is not what the article cited. It cited “profits” and the market form of “capitalism” as the reason why the climate of the entire world warmed.

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