160 Counties Have More Registered To Vote Than Eligible Voters

Yet another reason as to the need for voters to present ID at the poll

(The Blaze) A nonpartisan election integrity group has sent legal notices to 160 counties across the U.S. that it says have more voters on its registration rolls than actual live, eligible voters — and thus represent potential hotbeds for election fraud, the organization told TheBlaze exclusively.

The Houston-based True the Vote said the counties may be in violation of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act, which mandates that election officials maintain clean voter rolls by removing people who have died, moved away or are no longer eligible to vote. True the Vote is demanding each of the counties show proof of compliance or they’ll bring civil suit.

The counties in question are spread across 19 states that together account for 203 electoral college votes, including six current battleground states. Among the counties are LaSalle, Ill., which True the Vote identified as having 520 percent voter registration; Jefferson, Miss. with more than 230 percent; and Hanson, S.D. with 165 percent.

Surely, some of this can be explained away as simple errors, but the main question is “how much is intentional?” How many are dead, pets, felons, illegals, and others not eligible to vote? How many are duplicate registrations? True The Vote is demanding that these counties take proper actions to clean their voter rolls, as this rolls currently violate Section 8 of the NVRA.

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5 Responses to “160 Counties Have More Registered To Vote Than Eligible Voters”

  1. The Worm says:

    I can give you an idea why Lasalle County, Illinois is so high.

    The illegal immigrant population in that county is very high. This, oddly enough, is due to the drug trade further south in Chicago. Drugs are brought into Chicago via the Illinois River which flows south from Lasalle county. None of the municipal police departments along the river make any real effort to do anything because they assume it falls to the Conservation Police.

    So, instead of risking weight stations on the Illinois roadway discovering the drugs, the Mexican and Columbian etc. drug lords set up distribution in the counties north of Chicago and transport down the river via board boats etc. As a result, there are a significant number of illegal immigrans in Lasalle county.
    The Worm

  2. john says:

    The Worm sounds like he has been smoking too much weed

  3. The Worm says:

    The Worm has never done anything stronger than extra-strength Tylenol.

  4. Gumball_Brains says:

    “intentional” schmentional. What is a petty law between 2 voters and a Democrat president. Not like the Democrats are for protecting anything besides their own realm of power. Heck, the only reason why Democrats are even for locking away land and resource access\rights, is because doing so gives them a voting base and opens up venues for more federal control over those lands.

    Especially if Harry Reid gets involved in another land deal where he can axe the skids to get development plans through. ESA and EPA only impact the little people.