HuffPo: “This Is What The End Of The Planet Looks Like”

You really do have to admire the tenacity of Warmists who, in the face of failure after failure, people tuning out to their ever growing litany of unhinged pronouncements, and even other Warmists saying that the rhetoric needs to be toned down, just keep providing absurd and even more barking moonbat articles. Witness Dion Rabouin at the Huffington Post

This is What the Beginning of the End of the Planet Feels Like

Because weather never happened before, and it was surely colder during the last 4.5 billion years, science be damned!

This summer 34,500 people were forced to evacuate their homes in my home state of Colorado. I watched as a dozen wildfires raged through the state with some contained in days or weeks, while others are still not extinguished.

The extremely hot weather, dry climate and dramatically reduced water supply that all led to the wildfires are part of a pattern that has been unfolding for more than a decade. In fact, the past 10 years have been unequivocally the hottest on record in the history of weather record keeping. But even that heat is dwarfed by what we’ve seen this year. According to the the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) the first six months of 2012 have been the hottest January-through-June period on record for the contiguous United States.

The national temperatures averaged “4.5 degrees above the long-term average,” the NOAA said in a statement last week.

None of this is a coincidence. It is the result of a manmade pandemic that could very well destroy the planet. It’s called climate change and it is very real and it is happening right now.

Amazingly, it goes even further downhill after that. It’s a “Black issue.” People will die, possibly from spontaneous combustion. Blah blah blah. Except for that pesky problem that the US accounts for only 1.5% of the global landmass, and the rest of the world is seeing cooling. And that the world has been cooling slightly over the past 4,000 years. And

Most of the history of the Earth is hot, regardless of CO2 concentrations. It’s almost like there are other forces at play. The worldwide temps have been dead flat for the past 15 years. It was much hotter when CO2 was below 350ppm. And Warmists have to “adjust” the data to hide the warmth back in the 1930’s and during the previous warm periods.

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5 Responses to “HuffPo: “This Is What The End Of The Planet Looks Like””

  1. Bob says:

    Quit trying to confuse people with facts*!

    It makes them uncomfortable and then they don’t like you anymore!

    You will become socially unacceptable and no one will join you at Starbucks to sip on that $5.00 Latte and intellectually discuss the manufactured problems of the day!

    You malcontents that escape the Matrix are such trouble makers!

    *I’ve tried that for five years on my blog. Seems all I’ve gotten out of the effort is a sore head from banging it against the wall.

    At least I don’t have to buy $5.00 lattes anymore.

  2. I know, I know. Climate change isn’t about facts, it’s about feelings. But, hey, maybe a Warmist will decide that it’s time for them to practice what they preach….just made myself laugh.

  3. john says:

    Teach people are worried about what is going to happen in the near future, not what the Earth is going to be like in 1 million years. Most of the people who are coldists are also the same ones who believe that the Earth is only 10,000 years old like the Bible says.

  4. john says:

    Teach why stop at 600 million years in the past ? Why not go back to 4 billion when the place was just magma? As for the temps flatlining for the past 10 years, so sorry but that isn’t what NOAA says.nAND the past 10 years have been during a dim cool sun period.

  5. Gumball_Brains says:

    You are right “silly john”, the temps have been flatlined for over 10 years. Good catch.

    OH, and “silly john”, those people you say care about “the weather”, have been found to NOT CARE. Global warming, thanks to your highness’ destruction of the more invaluable economy, has slipped to a lower concern that anal warts and nose leeches.

    So, Bob, you admit that since you’ve stopped going out, driving around, and buying $5 lattes that the world has cooled? Interesting linkage. hmmmm?

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