Restaurant Investigated For Offering Church Members Discounts

This is un-freaking-believable….or maybe not so unbelievable in today’s America. Todd Starnes reports

(Fox News) A family-owned restaurant in Pennsylvania is under a state discrimination investigation for offering a ten percent discount for diners who present a church bulletin on Sundays.

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission confirmed there is an investigation against Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen in the town of Columbia. The complaint was filed by John Wolff, a retired electrical engineer.

He said this not out of spite, but out of a feeling against the prevailing self-righteousness that stems from religion, particular in Lancaster County,” Wolff told the York Daily Record. “I don’t consider it an earth-shaking affair, but in this area in particular, we seem to have so many self-righteous religious people, so it just annoys me.”

So, don’t go there if you don’t like it. It’s a private business. They aren’t telling anyone they can’t eat there. The owners plan to fight this, and are pretty upset with the state for actually investigating. They’ve had the state and the Freedom From Religion Foundation (which always seems to get in people’s private business) telling the restaurant to give everyone the discount. The owners told them to go pound sand.

One of the owners makes a good point

She wondered if their other discounts might be considered discriminatory —like the one on Tuesday night –where kids under 12 get to eat free. Or what about the senior discount?

“Could someone under 65 complain?” she asked.

I’m sure they could, but since it isn’t about some jerk having a fit over religion, it’d be ignored.

Via Monkey.

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7 Responses to “Restaurant Investigated For Offering Church Members Discounts”

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  2. Doug Hagin says:

    Hey William got you linked on this and I did my latest podcast on this as well. Gave you LOTS of cred in the podcast! Have a listen here

  3. Gumball_Brains says:

    Just like Teach. Don’t you know that complaining about a Senior Discount is Racist!?!!??! Be happy they are eating anything. Once the ObamaDontCareTaxem-IRS agents find them, they’ll determine that food is not a national benefit for seniors as they have stopped growing and providing an economic benefit to our nationalized socialist economy.

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  5. Thanks, Doug. Just got home, I listen in.

    Ageism, racism, it’s all the same.

    Over at Right Wing News, one of the comments was about the discrimination shown when one group is given discounted drinks at bars while another group has to pay full price. And, hey, what about when one group gets in free and the other has to pay a cover charge. Sounds discriminatory.

  6. john says:

    I thought that conservatives were against giving people breaks like they are against affirmative action. Should some groups get special breaks discounted prices? schol;arships? admittance to stae schools that are paid for by MY taxes?

  7. Gumball_Brains says:

    Please tell us john how a private business giving a price break on Sunday to church goers (actually anyone grabbing a church bulletin) affects your tax?

    Giving scholarships to certain groups is a private industry. Do you intend to regulate private industry to the point of who they can and can not serve? And how much they can charge for their service?

    Oh wait… we already do. crap.

    john, you are confusing federal subsidies (which should be stopped) with accounting offsets with private business practices.

    Find a topic and stick with it.

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