Grist: Ditch The Fireworks In Favor Of Lightning Bugs For A Green Fourth

I purposefully ignored any globull warming stories leading up to and on the Fourth Of July because, quite frankly, I started to get really pissed off every time I ran across one. Sometimes the Warmist bullshit is just too much to deal with. They always want to ruin it for other people. Like this: The greenest Fourth of July

Every part of the early experience was fired by gasoline, powered by petroleum, or involved gunpowder and various chemicals. Quick flashes of light are created from the pop of gunpowder and the eye-burning bright flash from burning magnesium powder. Green colors are from powdered copper that is impregnated on paper that is wrapped into the firework. As the fuse burns the fire encounters each of the impregnated papers, and each gives off the various colors as they ignite, associated with the unique color of each element as it combusts. Cobalt for dark blue; copper for greens and red; and so on.

So, fireworks are evil. What should you do instead?

In a time when energy conservation and reduced emissions of atmospheric gasses is important, celebrating the Fourth — or the joy of any other midsummer evening — is possible by seeking out lightning bug displays. After the children begin skirmishing and boredom sets in at the fireworks show, or you find yourself looking for a few moments of quiet, find a secluded field and enjoy a truly green fireworks display.

This people are truly jerks.

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3 Responses to “Grist: Ditch The Fireworks In Favor Of Lightning Bugs For A Green Fourth”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    Yes, because kids would rather run through a dark field somewhere chasing lightning bugs that only come out every so often… instead of blowing up fireworks, or shooting them at each other.

    Yes, because fireworks are dull, boring, tiresome, and a complete waste of time for kids.

  2. They get the big displays just a few days a year, tops, and, of course, the Warmists want to ruin that. They can catch lightning bugs the rest of the summer. I’m sure teenagers would be up for that /sarcasm

  3. Dan Hall says:

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