Warmist: Rising Seas Means….More Land (?)

I wonder if this will be the new Warmist meme as sea level rise refuses to cooperate, much like how Warmists found a way to say that cold, very snow winters were the result of warming (via Tom Nelson)

(maribo) The short answer, I suppose, is yes. I can point to many shorelines that don’t look the same as they did seven years ago. The long answer, however, is that the change is quite often not what you might expect on a planet with a rising ocean. In many cases, there’s more land.  The reason is that shorelines are constantly changing in response to natural variability and human disturbance, in addition to the global trend. That’s the subject of my recent article in EOS and our video “Lessons of Bikeman“.

Yeah. Ok. Except, the actual data shows fluctuation well within the norm for sea rise for Kiribati, and none over the past few years. But, it could be destroyed by poo infested waters.

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3 Responses to “Warmist: Rising Seas Means….More Land (?)”

  1. JP Blickenstaff says:

    Nobody seems to factor in the fact of seafloor rises and falls with tectonic plate movements. Hawaii is the classic example of the islands shrinking due to plate tectonics. How many other globull warming examples are skewed by this. Blick

  2. jihn says:

    Teach the world is getting warmer

  3. Oh. Well that settles that. John spoke.

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